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Antique Brown Painted Gate Doors, Grand Scale at 9' Wide

These extremely large and imposing gate doors still have their orignal brown paint. The sheer size alone (9' wide) creates a strong and dramatic presence, accented with the unique original iron hinges, handle and locking system. We chose to leave the old vines that have entwined with it as it adds to their outdoor character. This rare set of extremely large doors is part of a remarkable collection currently in our inventory; see other door listings for additional options while available.

This huge, heavily paneled gate was used on a wealthy farmer's house in town as it was big enough for a hay wagon from the family farm out in the country to enter their house in the village. Old vintage doors make and impressive and unique addition to modern homes, but almost always need to be adapted by a professional contractor/installer and are therefore sold in as is, unaltered condition as we found them in Europe. Missing/broken items, cracks, separation, uneven edges, minor losses are age-related in doors of this age; old repairs are visible in this set. Dimensions are given at widest points, understanding some old pieces are worn and uneven.






W62.0" D2.25" H111.0"