Baroque White Painted Armoire, Sweden circa 1780-1800

Impressive baroque oak armoire with heavily paneled doors, massive crown all resting on large bun feet. Restored, later professionally painted in layered shades of antique white and light gray lightly distressed to fit the age of this stately armoire.

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Black Painted Two Door Pine Armoire, Denmark circa 1830-50

This pine armoire has been given new life with a recent black painted finish that accents the fluted carved details of the panel doors. There are two lower drawers and the entire armoire rests on fluted turned feet.

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Blue Painted Armoire Cabinet from Sweden, circa 1820

Original blue painted Gustavian armoire or large cupboard from Sweden, early 1800's. Two cabinet doors with fluted carved panel doors over two functioning drawers. Restored, strong, stable and ready for use.

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Chinese Cabinet Armoire, circa 1860-80

The superb quality of this Chinese cabinet is largely due to the exceptional finish. The old brown painted finish has slight red undertones and is accentuated by a hand buffed finish, leaving a warm organic feel to this armoire. Restored.

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Large Heavily Carved Oak Armoire With Wrangel Family Crest, Sweden circa 1740-80

Grandly standing over 8' tall, this stately hand-carved oak armoire makes a regal statement as it originally served the Swedish noble family of Carl Gustaf Wrangel. Hand-carved details include figures both human & mythical, heads, vines, grapes & more.

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Narrow Pine Two Door Armoire, Sweden circa 1800's

Lovely dark pine narrow armoire from the Swedish countryside which dates to the early 1800's. Note the raised bonnet or "crown," the original hardware including hinges, interior drawers and dark patina of the pine. 

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Original Blue Painted Pine Armoire, dated 1835

This delightful painted pine armoire still maintains the quality and details of the original hand-painted finish with background tones of soft teal/blue. The interior is divided with hanging pegs on the right and 4 shelves.

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Original Brown Painted Two Door Baroque Pine Armoire, Sweden circa 1780-1800

The exceptional original faux wood painted finish on this stately armoire dates back to the late 1700's into early 1800's. Note the warm colors, texture & patina of this wonderful, all original find. Hand carved knobs & hooks inside. Restored.

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Original Green Painted Single Door Armoire, Germany circa 1820

This charming single door armoire is in excellent original condition. The case is painted a dark green with red folk art accents seen in the painted panels, crown and base. The original lock mechanism still works. Restored and waxed.

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Original Green Painted Two Door Armoire, Hungary circa 1840-60

This painted pine armoire still maintains the quality and details of the original hand-painted finish.The floral and geometric patterns against the green painted background were traditional folk art style elements of the era.

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Original Hand Painted Armoire, Hungary circa 1820-40

This painted pine armoire still maintains the quality and details of the original hand-painted finish in an earth tone pallet. The floral patterns against the faux wood painted background were the traditional folk art style of the era.

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Original Hand Painted Armoire, Hungary dated 1785

This original painted armoire still maintains the quality and details of the hand-painted finish with unique and colorful background. Date of 1785 is faintly visible along upper section. Original lock & key still function. Restored and waxed.

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Original Hand Painted Green Two Door Armoire, Austria circa 1840-60

This remarkable painted armoire still maintains the quality and details of the original green hand-painted finish. Constructed to break down into sections, lock still works and interior offers variety of storage options.

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Original Hand Painted Two Door Armoire, Hungary circa 1820

Exceptional armoire with exquisite original hand-painted details and traditional faux wood background, interior painted also. Designed to break-down; 1 key included. Restored and waxed.

Item# 52693
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Original Painted Swedish Two Door Armoire dated 1834

Lovely original hand-painted armoire from the Swedish countryside. The date of 1834 indicate this was likely a wedding present. The delicate blue flowers & garland are surrounded by a traditional folk art background in a reddish brown tone of faux wood. 

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Pine Two Door Armoire, Denmark circa 1880

It is the captivating patina of the warm pine that captures one's attention in this lovely armoire. Upper decorative crown is easy removed for shipping and if client desires a more simple overall look.

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Antique Baroque Pine Armoire With Heavily Paneled Doors, Denmark

This armoire has dramatic presence thanks to the heavily panelled doors reflective of its baroque style. The stained pine has taken on a deep patina after almost 200 years of use.There is expected age-related wear to the wood & the back panels were replaced at some point in recent history.

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Early 19th Century Antique Armoire with Original Folk Art Paint from Hungary

This fabulous find is a wonderful example of Eastern European folk-art paint of the 1800's. Notice hand-painted panels encircled with a male and female figure next to a large central planter. The hand-painted faux wood background in brown was a traditional style of the era.

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Antique Highly Inlaid Marquetry 2 Door Armoire

Utterly stunning marquetry inlaid armoire, museum quality. The superb craftsmanship seen in this exceptional armoire indicates it was a commissioned piece created by a true master. Inlaid patterns, fox, cross, obelisk, delicate outlines, names and more abound.

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Antique Danish Pine Bow Front Four-Door Cabinet with Original Red Paint

The great appeal of this remarkable cabinet is largely due to the original brick red paint, which has been scraped leaving a soft, raw feel to the finish. The six turned columns were originally painted white, now providing a gentle contrast to the red.

Item# 20747
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Original Painted Single Door Armoire from Austria, dated 1834

This lovely painted armoire still maintains the quality and details of the original hand-painted details seen in the panels, drawer & canted sides. Note the Christogram, "IHS" and the date of 1834 and monogram of MM are seen under the crown.

Item# 52378
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Early 19th Century Antique Original Painted Break Down Armoire from Germany

This impressive original painted large armoire or "German Shrunk" was built in the traditional manner to "break down" into 2 sections, making it easier to transport and install, all resting on large bun feet. Original hardware includes wrought-iron hinges, lock and key hole cover.

Item# 16487
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Antique Original Red Painted One Door Armoire Cabinet from Germany

This charming single door armoire is in excellent original condition. The case is painted with traditional floral bouquets painted on the front panel and canted sides. The colors show a deeper patina aged through the years. The original lock mechanism still works.

Item# 22822
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Red Antique Swedish Folk Art Original Painted Cupboard Cabinet, Exceptional Quality

Beyond exceptional, this original painted Swedish cupboard is a tremendous find as it was likely a commissioned piece with both a professional craftsman and professioanl painter hired to complete the work. The original paint draws you in to appreciate the well executed floral motif.

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Antique 8' Tall Pine Armoire, France circa 1820-40

Tall and stately 8' pine French armoire. Molding along crown and feet. Single interior shelf included. Traditional long escuchons, 1 key included.

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Antique Swedish Pine Cabinet Cupboard from early 1800's

The gentle beauty of this cupboard is found in the deep patina of the aged pine from the early 1800's (see original hinges & wood pegs as nails).Carving along the curved bonnet & panel doors adds depth & character, all resting upon cabriolet feet.

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Pair of Antique Bookcases Display Cabinets Painted Light Gray

These exceptional bookcases are a tremendous find as it is difficult to find a matching pair. The professionally applied (newer) light gray and white layered paint is perfectly distressed to fit with the age and character of the pair.

Item# 51541/51542
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Carved Antique Early 19th Century Danish Oak Armoire

This handsome, large oak armoire is even more impressive in person due to the extensive hand carved details such as lion heads and floral embellishments seen throughout its exterior.  

Item# 20549
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Antique 18th Century Carved French Oak Armoire

Attractive carvings of vines, leaves and flowers embellish this armoire. Crafted in the late 18th century France, this oak armoire has beautifully carved moldings from the cornice to the door as well as the side panels. The armoire also features the original brass hinges and key escutcheons.

Item# 42
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19th Century Antique Lacquered Chinese Cabinet with Original Red/Orange Paint

The superb quality of this tall Chinese cabinet is largely due to the exceptional finish. One sees the remarkable richness of the original red paint, accented with a burnt orange. The deep lacquered finish brings the entire piece to life, creating a desire to touch it.

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Antique 19th Century Chinese Red Lacquered Cabinet With Flowers

This beautiful red cabinet has lovely flowers and pomegranates displayed on the panels in black and highlighted in gold. The unique paneling adds to the visual intrigue as well.

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Large 19th Century Antique Red Lacquered Cabinet Armoire from Shanxi, China

This cabinet, when looking closely, still has the original intricate painting on the front of a town and city, with buildings and figures. The richness of the utterly stunning original red lacquered paint is deepened with the natural wear.

Item# 11557
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