Antique Large Domed Top Green Painted Swedish Trunk Dated 1847

This dark green painted trunk is a great example of Swedish country craftsmanship. The large size, domed top, and hand-painted floral details along the front and top all reflect its Swedish heritage. The wrought iron details are hand made as well.

Item# 20408
Antique Original Blue Hand Painted Dome Top Trunk, Sweden Dated 1810

The soft blue paint is all original on this lovely dome top trunk from Sweden. The monogram of SMD and date of 1810 indicate it was likely a wedding present for a couple begining their life together.

Item# 22075
Antique Original Red Painted Swedish Dome Top Trunk Dated 1853

There is a graceful country charm to this domed top pine trunk from Sweden. The delightful original red paint remains, along with the cornucopia of flowers embellishing the front and two additional bouquets of flowers on the very top. Notice the monogram and date of 1853.

Item# 40055
Antique Original Painted and Hand Carved Trunk, Great Small Coffee Table

The front of this interesting trunk has carved baskets filled with flowers, and a carved garland of flowers along the bottom which add to the charm of this country chest. The original brick red paint appears worn and distressed while adding depth of character.

Antique Original Hand Painted Blue Flat Top Trunk

The festive paint is all original on this delightful trunk. Flower bouquets burst forth in the front panels, vividly accenting the rich blue background. Notice the half column details which add dimension to the panels, and that it is raised up on feet.

Item# 31974
Antique Hungarian Trunk With Original Folk Art Paint

Delightful Hungarian trunk decorated with traditional floral folk art painted panels. Aside from the original red and white painted floral garlands and wreaths of green leaves, it is the areas that have been gently worn away from years of touch and use.

Item# 31482
Antique Original Painted Trunk from Romania, Perfect Coffee Table

Perfect as a unique coffee table, this original painted trunk with red and green floral details is a great example of Romanian folk art from the mid 1800's. The flat top allows it to serve many functions in a modern home, including a coffee table, side table, blanket or toy chest.

Item# 40078
Antique Original Painted Flat Top Trunk With Tulips, Dated 1789

Tulips were a favorite flower motif used on painted furniture throughout the European countryside, and are seen beautifully displayed here on the hand-painted trunk from Sweden. The two monograms and date of 1789 indicate it was likely a wedding present.

Item# 22230
Antique Original Hand Painted Green Small Trunk With Flowers, Dated 1798

Original green painted box or small trunk with traditional flowers of red and yellow.  Dated 1798, imagine the treasures and stories it has stored through over 200 years of use. The wear as seen along the top and interior is expected for its age.

Item# 22196
Original Highly Painted Blue Small Trunk with Floral Details
Item# 21964
Small Folk Art Painted Trunk From Hungary
Item# 31274
Antique Carved Oak Baroque Trunk from Denmark, circa 1776

It is the incredible hand-carved details that make this trunk or "coffer" so impressive. This solid oak trunk is the type one might see if touring the hallways of a castle in Denmark. The date of 1776 reveals this baroque trunk has passed the test of time.

Item# 21133
Carved Antique 18th Century Italian Coffer Trunk

Carved antique coffer trunk from Italy circa 1700-1740, with original iron hardware and a front heavily carved with flourishes of leaves and


Item# 21047
Carved 18th Century Antique Oak Coffer from Denmark, dated 1757

Carved antique oak coffer trunk from Denmark dated 1757, with a carved panelled front, original iron handles and strap hinges, all resting on bun feet.


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Item# 20640
Antique 18th Century Carved and Painted Danish Trunk

This unique trunk is both beautiful and unusual, due to the combination of hand-carved details highlighted with painted accents of red, yellow and green paint . The name Johann Von Holt and year of 1781 appear carved along the top.

Item# 21193
Antique Carved Danish Oak Trunk, circa 1665

Carved 17th century oak trunk from Denmark, dated 1665, with 4 arched panels and cherub carvings on the front.

Item# 20871
Antique Hand Carved German Baroque Trunk

The elaborate carving that surrounds the arched panels adds decorative as well as architectural interest to this large German trunk, also called a coffer. Trunks and coffers were the storage of the day, while coffers usually had locks to protect something of personal value inside.

Item# 21219