Antique Farm Work Table with Shelf

There is a worn and wonderful appeal to this old work table, due to the years of use reflected in it. Note the remains of old green and even blue paint that add to its vintage character as well.

Item# 31963
Antique French Carpenter's Work Table

It is the years of constant use revealed in every ding, gouge, stain and scratch that enrich the character of this impressive carpenters' workbench from France. Notice the dark patina, joints and old hardware. It has one long vice along the left leg.

Antique Long Industrial Work Table With Original Green Painted Base

What an amazing find! At over 9 1/2 feet long, this old work table has tremendous appeal thanks to the original green painted base and the stretchers supported by iron rods which give it an industrial edge. The entire table has been restored and gently sanded.

Item# 32595
Antique Painted Farm Work Table with Zinc Top, Good Kitchen Island or In Green House

This vintage white painted farm work table has the original zinc top and two lower pine wood shelves. The original white paint is greatly distressed adding to the country feel of the farm table, while the zinc and shelves make it useful in a kitchen or potting shed.

Item# 32548
Antique Rustic Work Table Kitchen Island

The appeal of this work table comes from the worn, weathered look created from the generations of use it has recieved. Notice the metal rods, now rusted with age, which create added support to the four stretchers.

Item# 32576
Antique Vintage Work Table Rough Hewn Console Table

The appeal of this old work table comes from the aged wood itself, worn and distressed through years of use adding to the character of the table. Notice the expected age-related separation of the two thick planks of wood that comprise the top.

Item# 32577
Antique White Painted Work Farm Table w/Zinc Top; Kitchen Island

What a fun find! This vintage farm table has the original zinc top and a lower shelf, indicating it was used as a type of work table in its former life. The zinc, which has great aged patina, wraps around 3 of the four sides.

Item# 31632
Antique Work Table Store Counter Kitchen Island With 3 Large Drawer

The natual, deep patina of this large work table or long counter "draws one in" thanks to the many generations that used and enjoyed it in the past. The top is comprised of 5 long planks of warm pine,  while the 3 deep large drawers and sides have a darker patina.

Item# 32614
Large Antique Painted Hungarian Kitchen Island Cabinet
Item# 31236
Large Antique Original Blue Painted Pine Kitchen Island Cabinet

This large counter reveals many years of constant use through the extensive wear seen on the original blue paint and the fabulous, distressed top demonstrating it was used often as a work surface. It is the very distress that creates the wonderful, worn character in this truly vintage sideboard.

Item# 31283
Bar Height Table or Island Made From Reclaimed Maple

This unique counter height table was custom-made using reclaimed maple boxcar flooring creating instant visual intrigue, those passing by will reach out to touch it. The distressed wood is a result of years of moving cargo through the train’s boxcars.

Antique Pine Apothecary or Island Counter with Original Paint

Known as a "grocer's desk" in Denmark, every country store whether grocer, hardware or pharmacist would have had a pine counter or storage cabinet, often with many small drawers such as you see in this one. This counter is free-standing, making it ideal to serve as a kitchen island in a modern home

Item# 22136
Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Grocer's Counter

Finished on all four sides with panels and multiple drawers, this partially painted and stripped pine counter from Denmark is free standing. This would make a great kitchen island or it could even be used as it was originally intended - as a store counter or desk.

Item# 21353
Antique Original Painted White Sideboard Buffet Kitchen Island

This antique pine sideboard is a great find due to its length; at 81" long, it can be used as a serving buffet, urban farmhouse kitchen island (it is free-standing, painted white on the back) or even as a double sink in a bathroom.

Item# 31986
Antique Painted Danish Pine Multi-Drawer Grocer's Counter
Item# 21499
Antique Hungarian Pine Kitchen Island Cabinet
Item# 31408
Antique 19th Century Commercial French Butcher's Block, circa 1840-1860

Antique commercial butcher's block from France circa 1840-1880 with a single drawer and turned legs. The top is uneven from decades of use. Please take a moment to enlarge the photos and examine the details up close.

Item# 20598
Early 20th Century Antique French Maple Butcher's

The natural wear seen on this French Maple Butcher's Block with 2 drawers came from the many years of use. Note the castors and slot to hold knives in the back of the heavy top.

Item# 21085
Early 20th Century Antique French Maple Butcher's Block

It is the massive maple block top worn uneven from the many decades of use that draws one toward this original French butcher's block. Narrow and solid, it is being sold "as is.

Item# 21129