Antique Coffee Table With Spindle Trestle Base, Spain

This highly unusual coffee table is a special find. The heavily turned trestle base, wood pegs (vs nails), simple inlay in the single drawer and even the wood inlay repairs seen in the top all add to the unique appeal of this one of a kind table.

Item# 40092
Antique Scrubbed Oak Drop Leaf Oval Coffee Table from France

This scrubbed oak coffee exudes a simple French country charm. The oak has been left natural, leaving a simplistic beauty to the wood itself. Unique to this table is the 2 drop leaves; when closed it is merely 20" wide, opens to a comfortable oval at 34"

Item# 16248
Large Square Antique Lacquered Coffee Table from China

While entirely smooth, there is apparent texture to this coffee table due to the layers of brown paint and natural wood that are revealed where the paint was worn off through generations of use. The polished lacquer protects and creates the finish.

Item# 169
Rustic Slab Wood Vintage Coffee Table, Hungary

There is something organic and inviting in the thick __" wood top of this rustic coffee table. It is the years of use that have deepened its character, with a worn patina grown richer over time. The square splay legs are bolted to the top creating a slight industrial feel.

Item# 50282
Set of Hand-Tooled Vintage Leather Chairs and Coffee Table from Spain

This fabulous vintage set of 2 folding chairs and coffee table are made of hand-tooled leather. Note the detailed figures reflective of Aztec or South American gods or warriors and the deep patina of the worn leather.

Item# 22836
Small Vintage Rustic Coffee Table Side Table

This rustic table with peg legs will serve well as a small coffee table or unique side table. It is restored so it is strong/stable and has a clear wax finish.

Item# 33916
Vintage Rustic 6' Long Coffee Table from Hungary

There is something organic and inviting in the plank hard wood top of this rustic peg leg coffee table. It is the years of use that have deepened its character, with a wonderful worn patina grown richer over time. Restored and waxed.

Item# 50243
Vintage Rustic Slab Wood Coffee Table from Hungary

The thick slab top draws one to this rustic coffee table due to the heavy distress seen in every scratch, crack, burn mark and gouge that came from years of constant use (likely in a butcher's shop) while the iron bolts in the sides adds an industrial feel.

Item# 34193
Vintage Rustic Slab Wood Coffee Table, Hungary

At almost 3" thick, with scrapes and deep gouges acquired with well over 100 years of use as a work table, this coffee table is loaded with rustic appeal. The wood has been left raw and natural, and rests upon four original slanted legs.

Item# 33900
Vintage Small Round Coffee Table or Side Table With Rustic Iron Base

The round wooden top is a great contrast to the wrought-iron base of this vintage small coffee or side table. It has been restored and waxed, bringing out the warm patina of both wood and iron.

Item# 30343
Antique 19th Century White Romanian Coffee Table

This delightful antique pine coffee table has recently been given a white painted finish, adding to the European country charm of the piece. The single drawer and turned stretcher base add to the visual appeal, creating great impact in a small space.

Item# 14524
Vintage Iron Side Table made from Old Fence, circa 1920

The decorative top of this unique table is made from an old fence. The base was base was created to hold the top which is covered with a heavy glass top. Fun and Functional, this will make a one of a kind accent piece.



Item# 16109