Antique Carved Gray Painted Mirror

This exquisite mirror has detailed carving along the frame and lovley crown. Enlarge photos to appreciate the gold burnish accent to the gray painted finish which adds a soft depth to it as well. It is strong/stable and ready to be hung and used.

Item# 22932
Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Console With Mirror
Item# 15414
Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Mirror With Painted Glass

Small antique Danish mirror with a mahogany frame and an insert of painted glass, circa 1840-1860. The black background appears to be painted on the reverse while the birds drinking at a fountain and flowers are painted on the front.

Item# 21194
Pair of Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Mirrors

Pair of flame mahogany mirrors from Denmark, circa 1840-1860, with a carved and scrolled pediment.

Item# 20601