Antique 5 Piece Set of German Biedermeier Sofa and Chairs
Item# 21203
Antique 19th Century Settee Bench or Chaise Lounge Sofa, Sweden

Antique 19th century upholstered settee bench from Sweden, circa 1880 with a cushion seat and sides.


Item# 20824
Antique Sleigh Seat Bench With Original Paint and Brass Accents
Pair of Antique English Walnut Slab Benches
Item# 21506
Small Brown Painted Antique Country Pine Bench
Item# 31415
Assorted Country Pine Stools
Pair of Antique 19th Century Original White Painted Swedish Stools, Ottomans

Pair of charming antique white Ottomans from Sweden, circa 1880 with pop out seats. They can be easily upholstered with a modern fabric to create a more "fresh" look if so desired.

Item# 20277
Pair of Antique Original Painted Gray Stools from Sweden


Item# 30504
Pair of Antique Original White Painted Stools from Sweden


Item# 30439
Pair of Antique 19th Century Blue Painted Stools from Sweden

This pair of rustic pine stools from Sweden circa 1900, have a distressed blue painted finish allowing an underlayer of white paint to show through.


Item# 30503