Antique Baroque Dark Oak Armoire With Heavily Paneled Doors from Denmark

While the size itself is impressive, it is the heavy baroque style carving & paneling in the doors & large crown that add to the visual impact of this handsome dark oak armoire. Notice the carved decorative detail above the 3 columns, balancing the large bun feet.

Item# 22386
Antique Original Oil on Canvas Petite Painting of Woman At Writing Desk

Small yet evocative painting reminiscent of days gone by as a woman writes letters by lamplight in the fading hours of the day. The sitting room includes a curved Swedish settee & paintings on the wall.The lamp generates a soft glow, accenting the outline of her form.

Item# 20160
Large Antique Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Sailboat Seascape Along Rocky Shoreline, Signed

An old fashioned sail boat is seen off the rocky coastline in this original oil on canvas painting. The tranquil seascape is accented by billowing white clouds in the blue sky and green dunes lining the shoreline. Craqueluer is seen throughout the canvas.

Antique Original Oil on Canvas Landscape Painting with Mother and Child, signed

A serene grove of trees is the setting that welcomes mother and child for a walk in the sunshine in this delightful original oil on canvas painting. Signed LP in lower left corner.

Item# 20123
Antique 8.5' Tall Original Green Painted Doors

This pair of original painted green doors are a fun find, complete with crackled old paint and worn/distressed areas which add to the authentic vintage look. At 8.5' tall, they will make a dramatic statement with their heavy panelled details.

Antique Rustic Slab Wood Console Table With Splay Legs

It is the rough hewn natural wood top that one finds intriguing in this rustic table. It originally served as a work table as seen in the heavy gouges & hash marks which distress the entire top. Even the cracks & aged-separation of the 4 planks of wood add character as well.

Item# 32939
Pine Chest of Drawers

The beauty of this Danish pine chest of drawers is the simplicity of the lines and the four graduated sized drawers. Notice the gentle curve to the slender top drawer, the center 2 drawers are the same size and all are balanced by the larger bottom drawer.

Item# 22349
Antique Large Original Oil on Canvas Landscape Painting At Sunset Signed by Adolph Larsen

This magnificent original oil painting boasts strong presence both in size & subject. At almost 6 1/2' wide (at frame), the colorful sunset lines the horizon while creating a silhouette of the majestic spreading oak tree. Cattle are seen grazing in the distance.

Item# 22458
Antique Pine Chest of Four Drawers from Denmark

This lovely chest of four drawers has half column details adding a refined touch to its "presence" against the clean lines of its simple Danish styling. The slender top drawer displays traditional dental molding along the front & entire dresser has been restored & waxed.

Item# 22510
Antique Original Oil on Canvas Painting of the Apostle Thomas, Unsigned

This original oil on canvas painting has powerful presence of the Apostle Thomas. It is after the original by Nicolaes Maes from 1656. This unsigned canvas has minimal retouches, extensive craquelure and will likely benefit from cleaning.

Item# 22505
Vintage Cast Iron Lion Garden Sculpture with Aged Verdigris Finish

This vintage iron lion sculpture has commanding presence due to the attractive verdigris finish reflecting years of exposure to the elements. Take a closer look and you will appreciate the texture of the lion's mane, tail, paws and entire body.

Item# 22479
Antique Original Red Painted Bureau Secretary With Flower Garlands from Sweden

The red hue paint is all original in this Swedish secretary, also known as a bureau. The hand-painted flower garlands add a joyful touch to the drawers & desk top exterior. Two wood "arms" extend & the desk top rests upon these (depth 30" opened).

Item# 22367
Antique Original Green Painted Farm Trestle Table, Dining or Console

For those who search for a genuine European country farm table this 6 1/2' green painted harvest table is a fun find. The wonderful, age-distressed green paint of the trestle base is all original & is complimented by the pine plank top that has aged patina.

Item# 32870
Antique Primitive Slab Wood Coffee Table With Square Splay Legs

The deep gouges, nicks & scrapes in this thick topped coffee table fill it with character. Originally it served as a work table, & now the slight warp to the 2" top, uneven edges and iron strip on one end (to secure old cracks) reminds us that it was used for many generations.

Item# 32720
Antique Blue Painted French Side Table With Carved Faces

The enticing blue paint & intricate carving combine to captivate ones attention in this striking side table. The two carved faces appear to be portraits of a nobleman(on right) and his wife (on left) while intricate carving abounds in the table skirt and attractive legs.

Item# 22359
Vintage 4.5' Tall Standing French Green Marble Obelisk With Bronze Accents

Elegance exudes from this standing marble sculpture obelisk. At over 4.5' tall, the attractive matrix of the green marble is complimented by traditional French brass accents. Minor wear to edges, scrapes/marks are commensurate with age.

Item# 22528
Antique White Painted Swedish Chest of Drawers

The white and gray layers combine for a captivating effect in this chest of four drawers. While the painted finish is new it compliments the age, style and graceful lines of this chest that dates back to the early 1800's.

Item# 22423
Antique Primitive Slab Wood Console Table With Iron Accents

Every crack, gouge & scrape of this old work table add to its amazing character. At some point in its long and well-used life, someone added iron straps to each end for additional support, which now provide an industrial "edge. Top 20"d.

Item# 32689
Antique Iron Lock Box or Safe with Original Padlocks and Keys; Unique Side Table

This functioning iron lock box has incredible "presence" due to the heavy iron handles, decorative straps & impressive large padlocks. The top center has a covered lock with massive key used to release the interior locking function. 3 Keys included.

Item# 22407
Antique Original Gray Painted Folding French Library Ladder Marked "Paris"

The gray paint is all original on this lovely library ladder The top 8th rung acts as a small shelf if one cares to use it for display while the decorative finials add a special touch to the top. A unique touch is the original black stamp of "Paris" on the back.

Item# 22394