Large Antique Italian School, 'Roman Charity', Oil on Canvas Painting
Original Antique Oil Painting Portrait of a Danish Fisherman
Item# 22110
Original Antique Oil Painting of Three Young Girls Reading by Jul Paulsen
Item# 21987
Antique Oil Painting of Smiling Woman in a Garden by Georg Seligmann
Item# 22017
Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Young Woman in White Dress Sitting On Edge of Boat
Item# 22287
Vintage Oil Painting of 3 Girls Stringing Flowers, Francis Patrick Martin
Item# 21984
Antique 19th Century Original French Oil Painting of Men Drinking in a Tavern

Antique 19th century French oil on canvas interior scene of 4 men drinking and smoking in a tavern. Mounted in an antique gold painted wood and plaster frame.

Item# 21211
Antique 18th Century Original German Oil Painting Portrait of Two Young Boys

18th century original German oil on canvas portrait of two young boys in period clothing, one holding a bird on a string. The painting is unsigned and mounted in an antique gilt wood frame.

Item# 21227
Original 18th Century Italian Florentine School Oil Painting, 2 Figures Holding the Sacred Heart

Likely Florentine school, oil on canvas painting of two figures embracing while gazing upwards towards the Sacred Heart. This is most likely a fragment of a much larger painting that has been mounted in an ornate antique gilt wood frame.

Item# 20555
Large Original Austrian Oil Painting of Young Couple and Cherub, Oskar Larsen dated 1925

Allegorical oil on canvas painting of a young couple with a cherub. Signed and dated on the front: 'Oskar Larsen in 1925'. Oskar Larsen (Born Vienna 1882 -1972) was a well-known Viennese artist, member of the artist union "Wiener Kuenstlerhaus" and honorary member of the London Royal Academy.

Item# 21034
Antique Oil on Canvas Interior Scene of Father and Daughter signed Sophus Vermehren
Item# 21911
Antique Oil Landscape Painting of Two Girls on Hilltop, signed Valerie Telkessy
Item# 21761
Original Danish Oil on Canvas Painting by Carl Budtz Moller
Item# 21945
Antique 18th Century Italian Oil on Canvas of Two Women, circa 1760

In this oil on canvas rendering of two women, the artist's use of light focuses the attention on the face and shoulder of the young woman in blue gown.

Item# 20852
Antique 19th Century Oil Painting Portrait by Sigurd Wandel

Original oil on canvas portrait of a mother and son by Sigurd Wandel (1875-1943), signed in the lower right with the initials SW. The painting is mounted in a giltwood and gesso frame and penciled on the back stretcher, "mother and son" Sigurd Wandel.

Item# 21665
Antique Impressionist Oil Painting, Woman in a Park, Signed F. John
Antique 19th Century Oil on Canvas Painting by Carl Carlsen

Original oil painting of a Victorian gentleman holding a box of matches and lighting his cigar while reclining in a forest setting. The painting is mounted in a gold painted frame with the artist's name, Carl Carlsen, on a small plaque. The title, artist and date are on the reverse.

Item# 21475
Original Antique Oil Painting of Victorian Woman Playing Croquet
Item# 21989
Original Antique Oil on Canvas Interior Painting by Karl Madsen
Item# 20649
Original Interior Oil on Canvas Painting of Woman in Hallway
Item# 21900
Original Oil on Board Interior Painting by Nancy Chaboun
Item# 16139
Antique Landscape Oil Painting With Cows by Poul Steffensen
Item# 22142
Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Cows In Pasture, Signed by Paul Stellenger
Item# 22322
Antique Oil Painting of a Farrier and Draft Horses by Carl Hertz
Item# 21986
Vintage Original Oil Painting of a Flight of Geese, Knud Edsberg
Item# 21983
Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Spaniel Hunting Dog, signed by Carl Hoyrup
Item# 22222
Antique Original Oil Painting of Horses Grazing, signed Carl Hertz
Item# 21898
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Bull in Field, signed Gunnar L., dated 1922
Item# 13126
Original Early 20th Century Oil Painting of Horses
Item# 21282
Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Dachshund Puppies by Simon Simundson
Item# 21702
Antique 19th Century Original Danish Oil Painting of Barnyard Goats

Danish 19th century original oil painting of a barnyard scene with three goats, mounted in a gilt wood frame. Signed and dated in the lower left, A.P. Madsen 1879.

Item# 21245
Antique 19th Century Oil Painting of Horsemen by Adolf Mackeprang

Original oil on canvas of three men on horseback talking on a village street, by Danish artist Adolf Henrik Mackeprang (1833-1911).
The painting is signed with a monogram AM and mounted in a natural wood frame.

Item# 21389
Original Oil on Canvas Painting, Signed Flemish Landscape of River Crossing with Cattle

Family on horseback with cattle and dogs crossing the river. Signed n. Berchem. Please examine and enlarge the photos to appreciate the colors, technique, canvas and lighting in this painting. Also notice the lovely frame.

Item# 20612
Original Oil on Canvas Painting, Horse & Buggy with Dog circa 1930

Original oil on canvas landscape from Hungary -  2 horses & buggy with a dog circa 1930.

Item# 30451
Vintage Swedish Watercolor Landscape With Cows
Item# 20851
Antique Oil on Canvas Portrait of a 19th Century Nobleman
Item# 31528