Painted Antique Hanging Country Wall Cupboard From Denmark

Item #: 21646


Charming single door wall cabinet with a small drawer and original hand cut molding, painted a dark forest green with rust colored accents.

Original Antique Hand Painted French Wood Panel

Item #: 21471


This early circa 1800 painted wood panel is possibly the remnant of a screen or larger wall panel. Two women in period dress stand over a grazing bull surrounded by floral garlands in this allegorical scene. The panel ha

Antique Cast Iron Water Pump From Hungary

Item #: 30916


19th century cast iron water pump from Hungary with a wonderful aged rust and green paint patina.

Vintage Swedish Cast Garden Statue of a Robed Woman

Item #: 21037


Small cast concrete figure of a robed woman, circa 1920-1940, with a very smooth weathered surface. Due to years of being outdoors, exposed to the elements, it has an aged patina of light and dark grays with patches of l

Vintage Swedish Cast Garden Statue of Venus de MIlo

Item #: 21036


A free standing replica of Venus de Milo cast in concrete with a nice weathered patina from years of being outside. The overall color is composed of light and dark grays with flecks of white and pale yellow ocher. Ple

Vintage Early 20th Century Danish Garden Ornament

Item #: 21276


Vintage globe shaped garden ornament made up of metal bands pierced by an arrow and supported by a mounting bracket. The metal of this sun clock has remnants of green paint and a verdigis patina with sign of rust.

Vintage Cast Iron Planter Urn Painted White

Item #: 264


Vintage 20th century planter with two handles and distressed old white paint. Rusted metal showing through the paint gives this a wonderful aged patina. Please take a moment to enlarge the photos and examine the details

Vintage Cast Iron Planter Urn Painted White

Item #: 263


Vintage 20th century neoclassical planter with two handles and distressed old white paint. The rusted metal showing through the paint gives this urn a wonderful aged patina. Please take a moment to enlarge the photos and

Antique Early 20th Century Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Hanging, Planter Holder

Item #: 30167/30165


Antique wrought iron hanging planter holder from Hungary. Sold and priced individually, but 2 are available. It retains remnants of old paint with great details and rusted patina. It can hang indoors as a wonderful archi

Rare Antique European Wine Press

Item #: 30961


This wine press is a rare find, hand crafted from solid oak around 1900. The heavy gauge of the hand-thread iron shows dramatically against the oak, creating a very strong visual appeal. This will be an exceptional addi

Antique Century European Oak Wine Press Dated 1888

Item #: 30959


Large free standing antique wine press from Eastern Europe with mortise and tenon construction. The dual cast iron screws turn by hand using wood grips, and the original oak cages retain their original pressure plates. T

Large Hand Carved Antique European Oak Wine Press

Item #: 30963


This large free standing dual wine press from Eastern Europe, is all original, very sturdy and hand crafted from solid oak. The large beam holding the cast iron screws is hand carved with the owner's name, Johan & Th

Antique Oak Dual European Wine Press

Item #: 30960


This wine or fruit press is all original with both cages, pressure plates and cast iron screws. The tricorn screw head is removable and fits both screws. The press was hand made around 1900 in Eastern Europe using solid

Antique 19th Century European Oak Wine Press

Item #: 30964


Antique wine, cider or fruit press made from solid oak around 1900 and built to last. Everything appears to be original from the cast iron screw, which turns easily, to the round pressure plate and the oak staved cage.

Petite Antique French Oak Wine Barrel

Item #: 21735


This small bar size oak cask retains the original metal straps with a custom stand and featuring a metal spigot.

Antique 19th Century Danish Hanging Cabinet With Original Paint

Item #: 21363


Antique  wall cabinet from Denmark, circa 1840-1860, with original dark green paint. The single door and drawer have accents of rust paint on the molded panels.
Please take a moment to enlarge the photos and examin...

Small Country Hanging Oak Wall Cabinet From Denmark

Item #: 21759


Small cottage style hanging cabinet with original hardware and featuring a pair of paneled doors and a pair of shelves inside.

Assorted Wall Racks

Large assortment of hanging spice racks and cabinet

This item is part of our “un-restored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condition. Before shipping or leaving our store, they all go through ...

Small Romanian Wall Cupboard with Beautiful and Original Painted Details, circa 1900

Item #: 14558


This small but charming antique Romanian wall cupboard has it's original paint consisting of red flowers, green leaves and light blue hearts over a  black background. The symmetrical pattern on the doors are surrounded b

Antique 19th Century Painted Pine Wall Rack from Hungary

Item #: 14954


This antique 19th century pine hanging wall rack from Hungary retains the original worn dark blue paint with undertones of light blue and accents of red. The three drawers have hand cut dovetails and beautifully hand cra

Antique Hand Painted Decorative Danish Towel Rack, circa 1920

Item #: 3774


This delightful, small pine towel rack was painted with decorative cherries bringing a quaint country feel to the piece. The pine has been waxed and it is ready to be hung and used.



Antique 19th Century Danish Oak Carving of a Cherub

Item #: 20903


Antique Danish cherub carving, circa 1800-1840. Well carved wall hanging of an angel or cherub holding an ionic column made of oak with a satin wax finish.

Pair of Antique 19th Century Cast Iron Black Forest Style Wall Plaques

Item #: 21333


The three hanging game birds on one and the hanging rabbit with a brace of birds on the other, have a bronze patina. These are set over an oval wood grain, textured iron plaque and surrounded by a gray iron frame. All pa

Pair of Contemporary Silver Plate and Antler Candelabra Made in England

Item #: 16046


Made in the late 20th Century, each candelabrum has three candle holders mounted on the deer antler tines. The antlers are attached to a round silver plated and weighted base over a black plastic molding.

Pair of Antique 19th Century Carved Black Forest Candlesticks

Item #: 16048


Originally made in Germany as eperne bases, these two carved wood bases would make a fine pair of candlesticks. Both are carved from a single piece of wood attached to an oval base. Each carving features a mountain goat

Antique 19th Century Carved Black Forest Cuckoo Wall Clock

Item #: 21228


This impressive wall clock features a detachable carved eagle crown above with a running stag and hound surrounded by oak leaves below. Above the white Roman numeral face is the hinged door with a carved red and white c

Antique 19th Century Wood Folk Art Architectural Remnant

Item #: 21358


Antique hand made architectural or furniture remnant from Denmark, circa 1890, with cast metal figures of monks, saints and knights. The panel has a quaint folk art religous theme.  Please take a moment to enlarge t

Pair of Contemporary Silver Plate English Ram's Horn Candlesticks

Item #: 16050


Made in England in the late 20th century, each ram's horn is mounted on a hollow, silver plated round base and features a single candle holder.

Vintage European Child's Horse Head Rocker

Item #: 30384


Vintage European child's rocking horse, circa 1920-1940, with remnants of the original black paint on the horse's heads and red paint on the slatted seat. Sturdy and functional, this would also make a wonderful design st

Antique Early 20th Century Danish Commercial Cast Iron Coffee Grinder

Item #: 21046


Antique Danish cast iron coffee grinder, circa 1900-1920. This commercial floor model features an all wooden base with two tin lined collection drawers and brass hopper.

Vintage American Made Commercial Coffee Bean Dispenser

Item #: 15251


This vintage, American made coffee Bean dispenser, circa 1940, has 4 seperate bins to store bulk coffee beans. Each bay has a hinged lid on top with a label holder and a small scoop on the front. There's a dispensing spo

Early 20th Century Antique Model Ship From Denmark

Item #: 21273


Wooden model ship named "Lamouette" with a web of rigging connecting the three masts. The model comes with an attached stand supporting the bow. Please take a moment to enlarge the photos and examine the details up clos

Early 20th Century Antique Ship Model From Denmark

Item #: 21223


The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this Danish fishing boat model, named LOKKEN, is remarkable. The rudder moves, the propeller spins and the doors on the wheelhouse slide open and close. Notice the coiled rope

Antique 19th Century Model Ship In Glass Case


Antique 3 masted, full rigged model ship named "Suomen Joutsen", circa 1920, under a custom glass case. The actual ship was built in 1902 as the "Laennec" and is now moored in Finland as a museum ship.

Vintage Red Glazed Ceramic Pitcher Pot From Russia

Item #: 8523


This burnt orange colored ceramic pitcher is glazed inside as well as the outside, making it decorative and functional.

Vintage Orange Glazed Ceramic Pitcher Pot From Russia

Item #: 8511


This burnt orange colored ceramic pitcher is glazed inside as well as the outside, making it decorative and functional.