Antique Carved Wood Sculpture Figure of Hunter with Dog and Bear

This antique oak sculpture shows off old world craftsmanship in the hunter, dog and bear. Notice the hand-carved details in the hunter's hat, horn, belt, and rifle slung around his shoulder.

Item# 22652
Antique Pair of Tall Icons on Wood Panel Circa 1800's, Saint Bartholomew and Saint Peter

Impressive and tall, these original hand-painted on board icons of Saint Bartholemew & Saint Peter originally hung inside a Swedish church in the early 1800's. The paint shows soft fading and craqueluer throughout which adds to the gentle grace of the pair.

Item# 22575
Armenian Mouflon Sheep Trophy Mount

Armenian Mouflon Sheep head trophy. Mounted on wooden walnut shield, edges with carved pine decoration. Inscription "Kärtner Jägerschaft - Bezirks Trophäen - Schau" on the copper medal in relief. Very good unaltered original condition.

Item# 22747
Vintage Original Chamois Trophy Mount from Austria

Chamois head and shoulder, mounted on a trophy shield bearing pine cones with age-appropriate rubbing marks in very good condition.

Item# 22746
Vintage Original Large Chamois Trophy Mount

Large Chamois head and shoulders, trophy mounted on wooden shield with carved edges in striking oak leaf decoration. Very good original condition.

Item# 22744
Antique Original Green Painted Flax Tool / Scutching Knife, Sweden Dated 1872
Item# 21338A
Antique Original Black Painted Flax Tool /Scutching Knife, Dated 1918
Item# 21338AA
Antique Original Painted Flax Tool / Scutching Knife, Monogram ACD Dated 1886
Item# 21338D
Antique Original Hand Painted Flax Tool /Scutching Knife With Yellow and Red Trim
Item# 21338E
Antique Original Hand Painted Flax Tool With Scene of Farmers Scutching Flax Dated 1944
Item# 21338F
Authentic Vintage Brown Paper Mache Dress Mannequin

This female dress form or manequin was made of brown paper mache, now aged and tattered while showing off its authentic vintage appeal. The spindle base is black at the top and arms, while the base appears to be a very dark brown stain.

Item# 32481
Antique Primitive Cast Iron Crucifix Christ with Distressed Aged Patina

The powerful appeal of this cast iron crucifix comes from the rusted, aged almost black iron with scattered remains of old, crackled white paint. The combination of severely weathered iron with the distressed finish enhance the visual impact of the symbolic suffering of the Christ figure.

Item# B3
Antique Cast Iron Large Crucifix of Christ with Aged Gray Patina from France

The aged, weathered gray patina reveals distress throughout this antique cast iron crucifix, yet adds to the powerful impact of the suffering Christ figure. One's gaze rests on the face of Christ and the crown of thorns encircling His head. 

Item# B2
Antique Large Cast Iron Crucifix with Rusted Aged Patina, France

This impressive antique cast iron Christ crucifix was long ago separated from its original cross. The weathered, aged patina reveals rust all over, in addition to wear and distress adding somehow to the powerful impact of the suffering Christ figure.

Item# B1
Vintage Hand Carved Wood Sculpture of Rhino from Africa

Imposing and impressive, this wood sculpture of a rhinoceros will create a powerful presence in any room. Notice the hand-carved details including his mouth, feet and horn. Wood type unknown.

Item# 22500
Antique French 8 light Black Iron Chandelier

This antique French wrought iron chandelier (circa 1920) has eight arms that radiate out from the center. Each arm is set with a single light, with a candle cover resting on a drip pan. With scrolled arms and applied leaf details, the chandelier has been re-wired for US electricity.

Item# 40105
Antique 19th Century Danish Brass Six Light Chandelier

Circa 1900 solid brass chandelier with a cherub supporting the center column decorated with a flowering vine. The six arms are nicely sculpted leaves and flowers and the finial imitates a cluster of grapes. The chandelier has the original old wiring and should be re-wired and the sockets replaced.

Item# 21026B
Antique French Six Light Wrought Iron Chandelier

This large antique wrought iron chandelier features a long central rod supporting the six ornate scrolled arms and applied leaf details. Each of the 6 sockets are covered with a candle cover which rests on a round leaf drip pan.

Item# 21181
Pair of Large Antique 19th Century Victorian Brass Wall Sconces

Each of the large ornate brass wall sconces has three goose neck arms with white frosted glass shades. The central ram's head is surrounded by a tied ribbon, wreath and leaf detail, in brass. These are from a Victorian Blackhawk, Colorado home and have the original wiring which needs to be replaced.

Small Antique Swedish Birch Cupboard

This petite cupboard is a unique find. It was likely a carpenter's "sales model" to demonstrate what a full size cabinet would look like. It was unusual to see birch, a more expensive wood, used in a small cupboard unless for this purpose

Item# 21913
Antique Hanging Swedish Corner Cabinet
Item# 21863 A
Antique Hungarian Folk Art Painted Wall Cabinet
Item# 31233
Small Country Hanging Oak Wall Cabinet From Denmark

Small cottage style hanging cabinet with original hardware and featuring a pair of paneled doors and a pair of shelves inside.

Item# 21759
Antique Painted Danish Child's Farm Wagon
Item# 21877a
Original Highly Painted Blue Small Trunk with Floral Details
Item# 21964
Antique Cast Iron Husqvarna Treadle Sewing Machine Base
Item# 21491
Pair, African Bamoun Bronze Dwarf Sculptures

  This stunning pair of bronze sculptures, originate from the Bamon tribe in Camaroon, Africa. They were ceremonial pieces used for special celebrations such as weddings or the birth of a child. The quality and patina on these two figures, a male and female, is remarkable.

Item# 11005
19th Century Antique Hanging Wall Rack From Hungary

This blue painted wall rack could either be wall hung or sit on a cabinet, and features five drawers with porcelain knobs and multiple hooks for cups and mugs.

Antique 19th Century Wall Rack From Hungary
Antique 19th Century Romanian Country Pine Bookshelf Painted Yellow

This open shelf could easily be mounted on the wall as well as rest on another cabinet.

Item# 14953
Antique Hungarian Pine Bookshelf
Item# 31280
Early 19th Century American Antique Country Baby Cradle

Early 19th century American cradle made from poplar, circa 1840-1860, with scrolled details at the head and foot of the cradle.

Antique 19th Century European Child's Kick Sled

This antique child's kick sled from Sweden, circa 1890, is made from a hardwood with metal runners and a slatted passenger seat. One child stood on the runners and pushed off with one foot while the passenger would be seated.

Item# 15399
Rustic Antique 19th Century Work Sled From Hungary

Rustic Hungarian sled used for hauling cargo like firewood, with a weathered gray patina.

Item# 13302
Antique Wheelbarrow Weathered Gray
Rustic Antique 19th Century Work Sled From Hungary

Rustic weathered Hungarian sled used for hauling cargo like firewood.

Item# 30716