Antique Gustavian Gray and Gold Mirror, Sweden circa 1880

Lovely vertical mirror with antique white painted finish. Carved accents in gold gilt with red undertones. At just under 4' tall, its size allows it to be displayed in a wide variety of spaces.

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Antique Pine Vanity Mirror Dresser Chest of Drawers, Denmark circa 1920

Lovely country pine vanity or dressing table with adjustable mirror. Six small drawers, adjustable mirror, and three large lower drawers. Restored, stable and ready for use.

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Gold and Blue Painted Trumeau Mirror, Sweden circa 1860-80

Lovely 3.5' tall trumeau mirror with upper applied carved swag and lower Greek key pattern. Restored, later professionally painted in layered shades of muted gold and blue all lightly distressed to fit the age and grace of this attractive mirror.

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Gold and Green Painted Trumeau Mirror, Sweden circa 1820-40

Lovely trumeau mirror painted in soft shades of green, pale red, and gold. At just under 4' tall, its size allows it to be displayed in a wide variety of spaces. In solid condition ready to be hung and enjoyed.

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Gold Gilt Rococo Carved Mirror, Sweden circa 1790-1810

This striking gold gilt mirror has rococo carved flourishes throughout the frame. Burnished gold and red accent the beautiful carving.

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Hand Painted and Carved Tall Mirror, China circa 1770-1800

The attractive carving found in the frame of this mirror includes dramatic flourishes on top, while narrow sides contain figures, birds and more. Notice the original painted finish shows residual touches of red and green paint as well.

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Large Antique Gray Painted French Country Mirror, Circa 1820-40

Large French country mirror with molded crown, applied carved flourishes and central divider. Soft dove gray painted finish accents the graceful curved lines and vertical panel details

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Large Black Painted Carved Oak Mirror with Cherubs, France circa 1900-20

Large & impressive carved oak mirror with cherub/putti faces with wings and elaborate carved flourishes throughout. Custom black painted finish is gently rubbed out to compliment the carving and age. Just under 6' tall.

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Painted Trumeau Mirror, Sweden circa 1820-80

Lovely trumeau mirror with upper painted and carved thistle design and smaller octogon shaped mirror create a striking crown. At just under 4' tall, its size allows it to be displayed in a wide variety of spaces.

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Swedish Red and Gold Mirror, Circa 1860-80

Swedish country pine mirror in burnished red and gold that has been gently distressed around the frame adding an aged grace to the mirror. 

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Tall Antique French Gold Gilt Carved Mirror, circa 1850-70

This magnificent carved gilt wood mirror stands just under 12' tall. Elaborate carving crowns the top & along the mirror with gold gilt carved frame. While the mirror has lost its refection through years of use, it now serves as a stunning piece of art. 

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Tall White Painted Trumeau Mirror with Greek Figures, Sweden circa 1900

Tall 6' decorative trumeau mirror with carved accents. Upper section portrays Greek figures against a blue painted background. The antique white painted finish is lightly distressed creating a refined grace fitting the age of the mirror.

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Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Console With Mirror
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Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Mirror With Painted Glass

Small antique Danish mirror with a mahogany frame and an insert of painted glass, circa 1840-1860. The black background appears to be painted on the reverse while the birds drinking at a fountain and flowers are painted on the front.

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Pair of Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Mirrors

Pair of flame mahogany mirrors from Denmark, circa 1840-1860, with a carved and scrolled pediment.

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