Denver Antique Cabinets & Cupboards

Pair of Antique Early 20th Century Swedish Sideboards Painted Black

Item #: 21184


Pair of Antique Early 20th Century Swedish Sideboards Painted Black.

This item is part of our “unrestored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condition. Before shipping or leaving our store, they...

Antique 19th Century Sideboard Cabinet From Hungary Painted Green

Item #: 30346


Made of pine, this small Hungarian cabinet has a single drawer over a pair of cupboard doors with distressed green paint.

Antique 19th Century Light Gray Swedish Neoclassical Two Door Cabinet

Item #: 15439


Antique pine cabinet from Sweden with applied carving and featuring a pair of columns flanking two doors. Built into the crown is a molded drawer, with a cast cherub medallion below. Please examine the close up phot

Large Antique 19th Century Danish Black Cabinet

Item #: 14866


The unique configuration of this cabinet allows it to be used in a variety of capacities - as a tv cabinet, sideboard, or chest of drawers. It's comprised of  three drawers above a pair of cupboard doors with two more dr

Antique 19th Century Carved Danish Oak Sideboard

Item #: 13040


Two drawer , two door sideboard with turned columns and original brass hardware from Denmark.

Pair of White Antique Swedish Gustavian Cabinets, circa 1840

Item #: 21145




Antique 19th Century Swedish Sideboard With Original Folk Art Paint

Item #: 21368


Antique sideboard from Sweden, circa 1880, painted on all sides with two cupboard doors in the front.

This item is part of our “unrestored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condition. Before sh...

Antique 19th Century Carved Danish Oak Sideboard

Item #: 20176


Renaissance Revival oak cabinet with original brass hardware and hand carved oval panels.

Carved 19th Century Antique Oak Sideboard from Denmark

Item #: 20610


Exceptional and heavily carved antique oak sideboard from Denmark, circa 1860 to 1880, with 3 drawers above 3 cupboard doors.



Antique 18th Century Carved Oak Trunk and Sideboard Cabinet

Item #: 20607


The four carved front panels, are actually 2 hinged cabinet doors with ample storage within. The hinged lid opens to reveal a small utility box and a shallow 6" deep space. The hardware is all original including the key.

Antique 19th Century Red Sideboard from Denmark With Sliding Doors

Item #: 20512


Antique pine cabinet with 2 sliding doors from Denmark, circa 1900, with a red painted finish.


Antique 19th Century Danish Carved 3 Door Oak Sideboard Cabinet

Item #: 20201


Antique Danish sideboard with turned columns separating 3 locking cupboard doors. Each door is carved in relief with a pair of figures under an arch. The case rests on bun feet and is made of solid oak.



Unusual Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Grocer's Counter / Cabinet

Item #: 21716


An unusual store counter with it's rounded ends, but perfect as a kitchen island with drawers and open shelving. The paneled sides allow this to be free standing, viewed from all sides.

Large Antique 19th Century Danish Grocer's Shop Counter

Item #: 21664


This large L shaped store counter from Denmark has green painted paneling, a pine counter top and is fitted with 6 rows of graduated drawers, 30 in all.

Antique 19th Century Long Danish Pine Grocer's Cabinet

Item #: 15419


This very long antique pine grocer's cabinet has 24 drawers in a variety of sizes and originally served as shop storage in the 1800's of Denmark.

Antique Pine Grocer's cabinet from Denmark, circa 1860

Item #: 20608


Unusual oval antique pine grocer's cabinet with 5 drawers on one side and paneled on the other. This piece originally served as a shop counter in the mid 1800's of Denmark. This is a great size and perfect to use as a fr

Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Grocer's Counter

Item #: 21353


Finished on all four sides with panels and multiple drawers, this partially painted and stripped pine counter from Denmark is free standing. This would make a great kitchen island or it could even be used as it was origi

Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Sideboard with Carved Panel Doors

Item #: 13817


European country charm exudes from this Pine Sideboard from Denmark. The exquisite turned column details and floral carving in the panel doors add to the romantic appeal of this sideboard. It has been given a wax finish,

Small Antique Danish Pine Cupboard, Nightstand


This European country sideboard was crafted around 1890 in Denmark and features simple lines and paneled cabinet doors with traditional bun feet in front. It has been completely restored and is strong, functional and rea

Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Nightstand

Item #: 21115


Simple and elegant describe this traditional country nightstand in natural pine with a soft wax finish. The tall paneled and molded backsplash adds an architectural appeal and of course extra height, but can easily be re

Unusual Antique Pine Cabinet With Drop Leaf Table


This highly unique cabinet is a wonderful example of Swedish creativity. Swedish craftsmen were very resourceful building multiple functions into one piece of furniture in order to maximize the typically small space avai

Painted Antique Hanging Country Wall Cupboard From Denmark

Item #: 21646


Charming single door wall cabinet with a small drawer and original hand cut molding, painted a dark forest green with rust colored accents.

Antique 19th Century Danish Hanging Cabinet With Original Paint

Item #: 21363


Antique  wall cabinet from Denmark, circa 1840-1860, with original dark green paint. The single door and drawer have accents of rust paint on the molded panels.
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Small Antique Hand Carved Norwegian Hanging Corner Cabinet

Item #: 21680


The intricate geometric chip carving in the panels sets this corner cabinet apart from all others. It features mitered corners with a single door and shelves within.

Small Romanian Wall Cupboard with Beautiful and Original Painted Details, circa 1900

Item #: 14558


This small but charming antique Romanian wall cupboard has it's original paint consisting of red flowers, green leaves and light blue hearts over a  black background. The symmetrical pattern on the doors are surrounded b

Small Hanging Wall Cabinet From Denmark

Item #: 21486


Very early pine hanging cabinet with a single door and original hardware.

Small Country Hanging Oak Wall Cabinet From Denmark

Item #: 21759


Small cottage style hanging cabinet with original hardware and featuring a pair of paneled doors and a pair of shelves inside.

Large Antique 19th Century Danish Sideboard With Mirror Painted White

Item #: 20426


Large antique sidebord server from a Danish mansion, circa 1860-1880, with a large mirror and painted white with gold accents.

19th Century Antique Pine Glass Front Store Cabinet From Denmark


This large commercial, purpose built store cabinet was made in two sections. The upper section has four sliding glass doors, and the bottom features ten rows of four drawers that graduate in size.

Large Pine Grocer's Display Shelf From Denmark Painted White

Item #: 30055


Large open shelving made in two sections with 24 small drawers and 2 full size drawers.

Antique 19th Century Danish Mercantile / Grocer's Cabinet

Item #: 21512


This pine store cabinet was made in 2 sections with open shelves and 10 small drawers above, and a lower cabinet featuring a row of 6 small drawers above 12 larger square drawers.

Large Antique 19th century English Pine Bookcase Cabinet

Item #: 15421


Large antique pine bookcase cabinet from England circa 1890, with cupboard doors and drawers. This cabinet was made in four parts, the base, upper left and right cabinets and the center section with open shelves.


19th Century Antique Danish Grocer's Cabinet Painted Green

Item #: 14457


Purpose built as a behind the counter display and storage for a Danish grocer, the cabinet is one large cabinet with open shelves above and multiple drawers in a varity of sizes below.

This item is part of our “un-res...

Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Cabinet With Open Shelves

Item #: 21525


The lower cabinet with 2 sliding doors and a pair of drawers supports an upper section of open shelves. The top shelf is 8.5" deep while the lower is 7.5" deep.

Antique 19th Century Danish Cabinet With Plate Rack

Item #: 15445


Made in two parts, this shallow pine cabinet features a wood grain painted finish.

Antique 19th Century Gray Painted Romanian Cupboard Cabinet, circa 1880

Item #: 4839


This antique pine cupboard has been given a new gray painted finish, that has been slightly distressed to compliment the European country style of the cupboard. This cabinet is made in 2 pieces - the top can easily be se