Antique Folk Art Painted Bench With Storage Dated 1913

This wonderful pine bench still retains the traditional folk art paint of the era, with simple floral motifs painted on an earth-toned base such as this one.

Item# 50467
Original Blue Painted Antique Bench With Storage

Bright and cheerful, this 6' bench has hidden storage under the hinged seat which was a traditional element in this style of bench throughout the 1800's in Europe. The festive blue paint with floral accents is all original. Restored with wax finish.

Item# 33612B
Antique Original Blue Folk Art Painted Bench With Storage from Hungary

This delightful late 19th century storage bench from Hungary still maintains its original blue paint. The charming flowers and wreathes on the front were a traditional folk art style of the period.

Item# 33614B
Antique Original Swedish Brown Painted Bench With Low Back

This bench has a romantic country feel to it thanks to the original hand-painted details that have been well preserved. The brown painted faux wood finish (traditional for the era) is highlighted with traditional floral details & flourishes of blue, cream & yellow.

Item# 22810
Antique 10' Long Original Painted Bench With Storage

This 10' long antique pine bench still maintains the original paint from 1907, when it was created. The traditional folk art of the late 1800's into 1900's included floral motifs painted in panels, often using blue or red backgrounds such as this.

Item# 33372B
Antique 5' Original Painted Bench with Storage

This 5' pine bench still maintains much of the original aged paint from 1903, when it was crafted. What makes this a special find is the unique size as most benches of this style were much longer. The traditional folk art included floral motifs painted in panels.

Item# 33373B
Antique Long Gray Painted Bench from Hungary

This wonderful long country bench has a scalloped back accented by curved arms and legs, adding a slight romantic touch to it. The gray paint was added at some point later in time (you can see the texture of crackled older finish below.

Item# 33970
Antique Hard Wood Narrow Bench from China

Antique hardwood bench from China, circa 1800's. There is a warm natural patina to the wood which has a soft, worn appeal. The thick top makes this bench very solid and sturdy; it is ready to be placed and enjoyed.

Item# 155
Antique White Painted Gustavian Bench from Sweden

Painted white with gold accents, this antique Gustavian bench has a removeable cushion seat and open back. Architectural elements such as turned spindles create the sides and carved panels along the front add to the visual intrigue of this captivating bench.

Item# 22830
Antique Swedish Gustavian White Painted Settee Sofa Bench

An exceptional sofa or settee of the Swedish Gustavian period due to the beautiful original paint & carved details. Note the softly distressed white of the main body and exquisite carved accents. The gently curved arms & carved feet add to its romantic appeal.

Item# 22903
Antique 19th Century Swedish Storage Bench Painted White

Antique storage bench from Sweden, circa 1840-1860, with white paint. The padded seat lifts off and the base pulls out to expand the space inside. Originally this was used to store a mattress and used as an extra bed.

Item# 21344
Antique 19th Century Hungarian Storage Bench Painted White

The hinged seat lifts to expose the large storage space in this circa 1860, high back country bench from Hungary.

Item# 30288
Pair, Antique White Painted Narrow Benches from Sweden

While benches were a traditional item to be found across the Swedish countryside, this is an unusual find as it is a Pair of matching benches that are also very narrow at only 10" deep. The original white paint has been distressed and worn by years of use, adding to the vintage country charm of the

Item# 32621/23632
Antique Original White Painted Bench With Flowers
Item# 32547
Antique Original White Painted Bench With Curved Arms

There is something endearing about country benches that have past the test of time, such as this delightful original white painted bench. The curve of the arms sway outward, inviting one to sit & linger while the paneled back is graced with scalloped edging.

Item# 32767
Carved Antique 19th Century Italian Upholstered Oak Bench Painted Black

Italian oak bench with upholstered seat, carved with remarkable details in relief. The back rest is embellished with a number of carved motifs from ribbons, flowers and masks to pairs of human figures.  The rich, caramel colored oak shows through the black finish adding to the deep patina. 

Item# 20292
Antique Danish Baroque Cathedral Chairs or High Backed Bench

The baroque styling is revealed in the high relief carving of these cathedral chairs. The tall back and sides allowed for privacy, while in this example the two seats are joined together almost as a bench, likely for two affluent family members to share.


Item# 21157
Antique Mahogany Biedermeier Sofa from Sweden

This handsome, original antique sofa almost has an architectural feel to it due to the strong, heavy lines and vertical grain of the dark mahogany wood. There is simple, elegant black trim along the sides and decorative element in the front/center that add a classic touch to this settee as well. 

Item# 21645
Antique 19th Century Karl Johan Birch Sofa Bench from Sweden

Antique birch bench sofa in the classic Karl Johan style with upholstered seat and beautifully curved sides and applied carving on the back and arms. The stunning birch comes alive in this elegant sofa from Sweden. 


Item# 20886
Carved Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Biedermeier Sofa

Enhanced with flame birch veneers that make the wood come alive, this Swedish sofa features fine inlay, arms exceptionally carved creating a ram's head cornucopia, and removeable baluster pillow cushion.


Item# 21107
Antique Mahogany Sofa Bench from Sweden

This classic Swedish sofa has refined lines and simple gold accent medallions which add to the understated elegance of the piece. Also considered a settee or chaise lounge sofa, the seat and cushions may easily be re-upholstered with modern fabric.

Item# 20824
Antique Inlaid Mahogany Sofa, Denmark

This stunning mahogany sofa still maintains the beautiful, hand-carved floral inlay that sets it apart from other antique settees. The carved floral and leaf motifs are delicate, adding a romantic touch to this elegant sofa, while the accent at the feet add a dramatic flair. 

Item# 21653
Antique Biedermeier Mahogany Sofa circa 1830

Stately and substancial, this birch sofa originated from northern Germany or Denmark  when the Biedermeier period dominated the interior design fashion of the era, and remains a classic style today. This sofa boasts large, scrolled arms which create the dramatic sides of the bench.

Item# 12107
Antique Danish Mahogany Sofa Settee Chais Lounge Sofa

The curvaceous lines of this antique chais lounge sofa create both a dramatic and romantic air. Notice the stunning mahogany, accented with simple carved elements. The fabric seating is easy to re-upholster with a more contemporary fabric.

Item# 21661
Antique Swedish Birch Biedermeier Sofa

The remarkable birch is dramatic in this classic Biedermeier sofa. The birch itself creates such an intense visual, that is is complimented by the simple lines of the sofa itself. Notice the two "cabinets" on each side that open for unique storage; their feet are painted black as contrast.

Item# 21188
Antique Danish Biedermeier Mahogany Sofa with Heavily Curved Arms

If you are looking for dramatic impact, this original Biedermeier sofa will do just that with its heavily curved and carved arms accented by the carved motif along the back. The mahogany itself sets a classic & elegant tone in this stunning settee with original crushed pink velvet fabric.

Item# 21269
Antique Danish Mahogany Biedermeier Sofa With Arched Back

The Biedermeier period was famous for the creation of dramatic sofas, such as this original settee seen here. The large, arched back is complimented by the impressive arms, which visually seem to spiral outward from the carved, floral medallion into the applied carving of leaves.

Item# 21794 A
Antique 5 Piece Set of German Biedermeier Sofa and Chairs

The simple classic lines and black columns add a refined touch to this handsome set of Biedermeier period loveseat, two arm chairs, coffee table and accent stool. The seats may easily be re-upholstered with modern fabric.

Item# 21203