19th Century Antique White Painted Bench Settee from Sweden

Swedish settee painted white with a removable seat which makes recovering with your choice of fabric very easy.  This settee matches a side table and a pair of side chairs that we also have in stock, please inquire if of interest.

Item# 20562
Antique Hand Painted Blue Bench, Hungary
Item# 31673
Antique Original Blue Painted Bench with Storage
Item# 32074
Antique Sleigh Seat Bench With Original Paint and Brass Accents
Authentic Vintage Red Painted Sleigh
Antique Swedish Gustavian Bench Painted White
Item# 21942
Antique White Painted 19th Century Upholstered Swedish Sofa Bench
Item# 21310
Antique 19th Century Swedish Storage Bench Painted White

Antique storage bench from Sweden, circa 1840-1860, with white paint. The padded seat lifts off and the base pulls out to expand the space inside. Originally this was used to store a mattress and used as an extra bed.

Item# 21344
Antique 19th Century Hungarian Storage Bench Painted White

The hinged seat lifts to expose the large storage space in this circa 1860, high back country bench from Hungary.

Item# 30288
Antique Original Blue Painted Bench
Item# 31992
Antique Original Brown Painted Pine Bench
Antique Original Green Painted Pine Bench with Back from Hungary
Item# 31993
Antique Pine Bench With Lattice Back
Item# 32073
Antique Swedish Pine Bed / Bench With High Arched Back
Item# 21830
Antique Rustic Original Painted Bench
Item# 32032
Antique 19th Century Swedish Pine Bench / Bed with Hidden Storage Space and Upholstery

This style of bench originally served as a type of spare bed. It has been waxed and is clean, strong and ready for use.The upholstery can easily be changed out if desired.



Item# 14862
Antique Original Blue Painted Pine Bench
Item# 32031
Antique Folk Art Painted Romanian Storage Bench
Item# 31255
Antique Swedish Country Pine Bench

The pine glows on this unusual Swedish cottage style bench with all of it's turned spindles and legs. The wax finish enhances the color and patina of the wood and works beautifully with the country look. The upholstered seat is removable which makes it easy for you to change the fabric.

Item# 21854
Antique 19th Century Swedish Birch Sofa Bench

Antique high back birch sofa bench from Sweden circa 1840, with padded seat, back and sides.  

Item# 20790
Antique 19th Century Karl Johan Birch Sofa Bench from Sweden

Antique Karl Johan birch bench sofa from Sweden, circa 1840 with upholstered seat and sides and applied carving on the back and arms.


Item# 20886
Antique 19th Century Karl Johan Yellow Birch Bench Sofa From Sweden

Antique Karl Johan Swedish bench with storage under the seat made of yellow birch. This style of bench originally served as a type of spare bed as the bottom could pull out revealing a type of "trundle" bed inside. The seat cushion is removable and the upholstery can easily be changed out if desired

Antique Danish Biedermeier Mahogany Sofa
Item# 21235
Carved Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Biedermeier Sofa

Carved and Upholstered Antique Danish birch Biedermeier Sofa, circa 1830, features fine inlay, carved ram's head cornucopia, and baluster pillow cushions.


Item# 21107
Antique Danish Mahogany Sofa Settee Chais Lounge Sofa
Item# 21661
Antique Mahogany Biedermeier Sofa with Dramatic Carved Cornucopia Arms
Item# 21373
Antique Swedish Birch Biedermeier Sofa
Item# 21188
Antique Danish Biedermeier Mahogany Sofa with Heavily Curved Arms
Item# 21269
Antique Mahogany Biedermeier Sofa from Sweden
Item# 21645
Antique Danish Mahogany Biedermeier Sofa With Arched Back
Item# 21794 A
Antique Inlaid Mahogany Sofa, Denmark
Item# 21653
Antique Biedermeier Mahogany Sofa circa 1830

Antique upholstered birch Biedermeier sofa from northern Germany or Denmark circa 1830 with scrolled high back and sides.

Item# 12107
Antique Carved Swedish Oak Upholsterd Sofa
Item# 21515
Antique 5 Piece Set of German Biedermeier Sofa and Chairs
Item# 21203
Antique 19th Century Settee Bench or Chaise Lounge Sofa, Sweden

Antique 19th century upholstered settee bench from Sweden, circa 1880 with a cushion seat and sides.


Item# 20824
Antique Original White Painted European Country Pine Bench With Back
Item# 30765