Antique Original 9' Tall Green Painted Carved Salvaged Doors from Hungary

These impressive doors stand over 9' tall with heavily carved details and paneling adding to the dramatic effect. The aged green and brown paint show crackling and wear, while the doors themselves sit in a metal frame.

Item# 32028
Pair of Massive Antique Salvaged Architectural Doors With Arches , Over 9' Wide And Tall

This pair of large wood doors originally served as a huge gate in Southern Hungary, likely Szeged. The home owner had a farm out in the country & a house in the village. When they brought agricultural goods to town, this gate was wide enough for a hay wagon to enter.

Item# 32448
Antique Oak 13' Tall Exterior Carved Doors With Arched Transom and Frame

Filled with grandeur, these French doors are a rare & stunning find. Soaring over 13' tall, they remind one of the refined elegance found in mansions of the wealthy during the late 1800's. Note the detailed carving, large brass door knobs & impressive arched glass transom. 

Antique Architectural Large Original Red Painted Heavily Paneled Doors

These massive, heavy paneled doors are visually impressive. The original red paint is chipped off and severely distressed, adding to the authentic vintage nature of this pair of old exterior doors. Notice the mail slot and vintage door handle. Sold as is.

Item# 32353
Antique Tall Glass French Doors With Stained Glass Arched Transom With Fleur De Lis

There is a refined elegance about this enchanting set of salvaged arched glass doors. All 3 sections are hinged & able to open, while the sides can be secured/locked. This set is a rare find & will make a stunning addition for a truly exceptional living space.

Antique Brown Painted Gate Doors, Grand Scale at 9' Wide

These extremely large and impressive gate doors still have their orignal brown paint. It was used on a wealthy farmer's house in town as it was big enough for a hay wagon from the family farm out in the country to enter their house in the village.

Item# 32122
Antique Huge Architectural Green Gate Large Salvaged Doors

This handsomely carved gate/doorway was a grand entrance into the private residence of a successful businessman in the late 1800's. The entryway door (with door handle) is to the left, while the center & right "wings" opened together to allow a horse drawn wagon to enter. 

Item# 32460
Pair, Antique Original Green Painted Doors Great Sliding Doors
Item# 32600
Pair Antique Original Brown Painted Barn Doors, Good for Sliding Doors
Item# 31948
Antique Brown Painted Vintage Door, Great to Use As Sliding Interior Door
Item# 32367
Pair of Large Swedish Arched Pine Doors
Item# 31503
Pair of Wide 19th Century Swedish Doors Painted White

This pair of Swedish antique doors are heavy and broad - each one consisting of four raised panels and still retain the original iron hardware as well.


Item# 30221
Pair of Tall Antique 19th Century Interior Doors From Sweden

These doors have the same multi-panel design front & back and still retain the original hinges and door latch. This item is part of our “un-restored” collection and is being sold in "as is, used" original condition; how we found it in Europe. 

Item# 30673
Pair of Antique 19th Century Swedish Doors Painted Green

The polychrome painted doors have multiple glass panels in the upper half, with a raised panel painted blue below. The painted back is a lighter, weathered version of the front.

Item# 46587
Antique 19th Century Danish Arched Pine Door Surround
Item# 21369B
Large Hand Carved Hungarian Door Surround or Gate Frame
Item# 31481
Early 20th Century Antique Interior Door From Sweden Painted White
Item# 30676
Early 20th Century Antique Interior Door From Sweden Painted White
Item# 30675
Large Antique 19th Century Pine Door Panel

This stripped pine door has six raised panels and would be perfect to use as a sliding door for a pantry or bathroom.

Item# 30159
Wide Antique Painted And Paneled Pine Door
Item# 31238
Pair, Antique Pine Barn Doors, Perfect For Sliding Doors

Using old barn doors as interior sliding doors is a great way to add character and a personal touch to your home. This pair of barn doors has a unique look reminiscent of shutters, and the original wrought iron detail adds to their genuine vintage appeal

Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors Painted Gray

This pair of pine barn or stable doors retains the old green paint under a layer of distressed blue gray paint with the back painted an off white. The front features imitation louvers above and a raised panel design below.

Pair of Rustic Antique 19th Century Doors With Red Paint

The two pine doors have remnants of the old distressed red paint on the front with a decorative ship lap pattern. On the back you can see the original iron strap hinges and lock with the vertical pine boards painted green.

Item# 30139
Pair of Original Painted Antique Hungarian Barn Doors
Item# 30943
Pair of Antique White Painted Barn Doors
Item# 30944
Pair of Rustic Antique Original Green Painted Solid Green Doors

Pair of pine doors with a louvered pattern on the front and a dark unpainted back.

Item# 30326
Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors From Hungary

On one side are the original gate hinges with a louver and brick pattern and on the other, vertical boards.

Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors From Hungary

These weathered pine doors have remnants of old green paint along with the original wrought iron gate hinges.

Item# 30680
Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors with Old Yellow Paint

The doors retain the original iron strap hinges and distressed yellow paint on one side only.

Item# 30452
Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Country Gates With Green Paint
Item# 30796