Large French Bleached Oak Bookcase Display Cabinet With Adjustable Shelves, circa 1880

The elongated four beveled glass doors are complimented by the carved details in this statuesque bookcase. The oak has been bleached, giving it a fresh look while highlighting the attractive French country craftsmanship.

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Long French Oak Dining Table, circa 1960

Impressive in size at just under 13' long, this will make a dramatic dining table and gathering place in today's modern home. The heavy oak top is impressive; rich character is revealed in the scratches & nicks. Restored and strong/stable.

Item# 16696
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Original Painted Console, Sweden circa 1800-20

This impressive console will make a grand statement in any home. The uniquely shaped wood base was hand-painted; one can still see the faux marble design that was a traditional style element of the era. Top is worn to natural oak below.

Item# 24870
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Tall Antique French Gold Gilt Carved Mirror, circa 1850-70

This magnificent carved gilt wood mirror stands just under 12' tall. Elaborate carving crowns the top & along the mirror with gold gilt carved frame. While the mirror has lost its refection through years of use, it now serves as a stunning piece of art. 

Item# 16761
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Vintage Red Leather Wingback Chesterfield Loveseat Double Chair, England circa 1960

The deep red color of the vintage leather captures your attention in this wonderful wingback Chesterfield loveseat or "double chair." It has the traditional tufted buttoned back & nailhead accents that create the drama one expects from this style.

Item# 23553
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Large French Oak Dining Table Circa 1960

Impressive in size at over 11' long, this dramatic dining table will make a grand gathering place in today's modern home. Rich character is revealed in the scratches, nicks & distress which create the appeal of this stunning French dining table.

Item# 16814
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Large Baroque Chest of Four Drawers With Lion's Feet, Sweden circa 1800-20

The gray painted finish creates the captivating allure in this attractive large baroque chest of four drawers with dramatic carved lion's paw feet in front. Later professionally applied, the gray and blue paint compliment the lines & age of the chest.

Item# 23762
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Original Painted Folk Art Bench With Carved Birds, Hungary dated 1933

Original hand painted folk art pine bench displays exceptional traditional faux wood background and colorful floral displays. Note the carved birds & spindles that add a touch of whimsy to the back. Dated 1933 on front center. Seat Height 22"

Item# 52406
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Long French Oak Drapers Table With Shelf, France circa 1820-40

Impressive in size at over 9' long, this oak drapers table is a great find with its 6 turned legs, 2 drawers & lower shelf. Three planks comprise the top with generations of use seen in every crack, stain and separation of the planks.

Item# 24662
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Original Painted Pine Sideboard Cabinet, Sweden circa 1820-40

This cabinet is a charming representation of early 19th century Swedish craftsmanship, from both the cabinet maker and the painter that created it. The aged patina of the painted finish draws one to it. Restored, strong and stable.

Item# 24826
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Original Painted Sideboard Cabinet from Sweden, circa 1820-40

This pine sideboard is a wonderful example of Swedish country craftsmanship with unique carving along the two drawers. The faux wood painted background was the folk art style of the period. Restored and waxed.

Item# 24898
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Long Gray Painted Pine Counter Free Standing Island, Hungary circa 1880

Free-standing shop counter with gray painted finish, 8.5' long. Top natural pine. The back is paneled which makes this fun cabinet ideal for a free standing kitchen island. Restored and given a light wax finish; ready for use.

Item# 51603
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Vintage Pine Freestanding Counter Kitchen Island With Wine Rack, Denmark circa 1960-80

This pine shop counter is a replica of those used throughout the 1800's in Europe. It has 3 cabinet doors revealing interior storage while the left section is designed to hold wine or other bottles.  May be used as a buffet or a free-standing kitchen island.

Item# 23802
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Antique Rustic Work Table With Two Drawers from Hungary circa 1880

Rustic work table with red paint remaining on legs. Generations of use seen in every gouge, nick, scratch, hole and stain. Typical aged separation of planks; metal rods add an industrial feel.This table may also serve as a kitchen island if raised up.

Item# 33089
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Original Green Painted Two Door Armoire, Hungary circa 1840-60

This painted armoire still maintains the quality and details of the original hand-painted finish. Floral patterns are seen along the front, canted and side panels. Restored and waxed, the original lock works with key included.

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Carpenter's Workbench Console Table With Wine Rack from France, circa 1880

Years of constant use are revealed in every gouge & scratch of the thick rough hewn top of this impressive carpenters' workbench. Unique to this console is the (newer) two shelves serving as a wine rack. Restored, strong & ready for use.

Item# 16754
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Painted Chest of Three Drawers, Sweden circa 1820-40

Baroque pine chest of drawers has clean yet elegant lines with simple panel molding along the drawers, cabriolet legs & carved element along the skirt. Later custom painted finish in layered muted teal & top in contrasting white w/faux marbling.

Item# 23540
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Set of Six Antique Swedish Rococo Dining Chairs With Gray Paint, circa 1880

Set of six antique Gustavian period dining chairs from Sweden, circa 1880. The 2 armchairs and 4 side chairs have been painted gray and lightly scraped creating a nice contrast with the darker wood beneath and accentuating the classic lines of the Gustavian style.

Item# 20055
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Tall Blue Painted Secretary from Sweden, circa 1800-20

This striking oak secretary is an elegant statement piece crowned with an elaborate latticework bonnet. The custom layered blue painted finish has been gently distressed to reveal the original oak underneath. Floor to Desk 28.5"

Item# 23979
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Heavily Carved Oak Bookcase Display Cabinet With Adjustable Shelves, Belgium circa 1890

Impressive and statuesque, this extraordinary oak bookcase is embellished with a multitude of carved accents including figures, faces, lion heads, fruit, nuts, leaves and more. Upper adjustable shelving allows for versatility in display options.

Item# 16532
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Long Industrial Work Table Kitchen Island with Four Drawers, Hungary circa 1920-40

Long (almost 8') rustic work table with industrial painted metal base, rugged wood top and deep wood drawers. Heavy distress seen throughout all adding to the character and deep patina. Restored, strong, wax finish.

Item# 52410
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Rustic Work Table Kitchen Island, Hungary circa 1900-20

This heavily used work table reflects generations of use in every gouge, nick, scratch, hole and stain. Typical aged separation of planks and old repairs all add to the tremendous character found in this table. Restored & waxed.

Item# 52431
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Free Standing Gray Kitchen Island Shop Counter from France, circa 1860-80

This old shop counter has been given new life with a custom professional gray painted finish creating a fresh look for a modern kitchen island. The top is made from old boxcar flooring & provides a great contrast to the counter base below.

Item# 16770
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Original Blue Painted Swedish Mora Grandfather Clock, circa 1800-20

Hand painted Swedish Mora grandfather clock with original soft blue painted finish distressed through years of use with pine wood revealed below. Note the gentle curves in the base and elongated body. Original clock face and glass.

Item# 24035
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Rustic 8' Long Console Table Work Table With Drawers, Hungary circa 1900-20

This 8' long rustic console is a great find. Originally used as a work table, generations of use are revealed in every nick, gouge, stain, hole& crack that add to the rich patina and authentic vintage character of this long console. Restored & waxed.

Item# 52383
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Original Painted Swedish Clock Cabinet With Secretary, Circa 1840

Remarkable original painted Swedish cabinet with clock and secretary with drop front desk. Burnt umber background is balanced with the delicate hand-painted floral panels. Height without (removeable) clock: 86.5"

Item# 24616
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Rustic Painted Work Table Kitchen Island with Two Drawers, Hungary circa 1890

Rustic purple & green work table with two drawers and lower stretcher base with six legs. This heavily used table reflects generations of use in every gouge, nick, scratch, crack and distressed paint which all add to the character of the table itself.

Item# 52377
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Rustic Plank Console Table with Peg Legs, Hungary circa 1900's

This rustic plank top console table with splay peg legs originally served as a work table. The 3" thick top invites one to run fingers along it. Restored, this table is strong, stable and ready for use. 

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Vintage Leather Gym Mat Large Ottoman Coffee Table, Denmark circa 1960

The vintage leather of this old gym mat is loaded with character and patina and rests on a wood base, creating an oversized ottoman or coffee table for today's modern home. 

Item# 25002
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Original Hand Painted Green Two Door Armoire, Austria circa 1840-60

This remarkable painted armoire still maintains the quality and details of the original green hand-painted finish. Constructed to break down into sections, lock still works and interior offers variety of storage options.

Item# 52456
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Large Bleached Oak Bookcase With Adjustable Shelves, France circa 1900-20

Extraordinary bookcase with five long upper glass cabinet doors with interior adjustable shelving. The bleached French oak creates a fresh finish for today's modern home. Keys used as pulls.
Aprx 9' tall and 8.5' wide.

Item# 16815
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Spanish Oak Wood Side Table With Drawer, circa 1800

The rich patina found in the oak wood of this side table has deepened through generations of use. Every ding, stain, crack and separation of wood (seen in top) all add to the authentic vintage appeal of this sturdy table with one deep drawer.

Item# 16802
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Long Original Painted Bench With Storage, Hungary circa 1890

Traditional Eastern European folk art painting with blue background and red and green florals are see in this hand painted bench with divided storage at over 8' long . Restored, strong and stable. Can sit on bench; ready for use. Waxed finish.

Item# 51967
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Rustic Long Work Table With Two Drawers and Shelf, Kitchen Island Hungary circa 1880

Rustic 9' work table with two drawers and lower shelf. Generations of use seen in every gouge, nick & stain. Restored, strong and stable this table is ready to be used. Wax finish. This table may also serve as a kitchen island.

Item# 52430
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Rustic Original Painted Shop Counter Kitchen Island, Hungary circa 1880

Antique shop counter with original residual paint over natural pine. The back is paneled which makes this fun cabinet ideal for a free standing kitchen island. This painted sideboard has been restored and given a waxed finish.

Item# 52446
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Original Oil on Canvas Landscape Painting, Signed Dwight C. Holmes 1949

Original oil on canvas landscape. Dwight Holmes(b. 1900) was a landscape painter, muralist, teacher & sculptor. A TX native, he painted a large legacy of Texas landscapes. His architectural decorations adorn buildings throughout the southwest.

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