Antique Baroque Chest of Drawers With Blue Painted Finish

The (newer) blue painted finish has been lightly scraped & sanded exposing the natural wood beneath and beautifully highlighting the details of the casework. The scalloped contours of the top are repeated in each of the serpentine drawer fronts.

Item# 22899
Antique Bleached Oak 3-Door Sideboard Buffet from France

It is the arched paneled doors, scalloped skirt and diamond detail of the drawers that separate this French oak sideboard apart from others. The bleached finish gives it a fresh and welcoming look for today's modern home.

Item# 16406
Antique Bleached Oak Chest of Drawers from France

This classic large French oak chest of drawers has been given new life with a bleached finish which has lightened the dark oak and brings out the lovely details of the paneled drawers and feet. Large double brass pulls make opening the drawers easy.

Item# 16411
Antique Blue Painted Rococo Chest of Drawers or Nightstand from Denmark

The allure of this striking oak chest of drawers is due to the (newer) blue painted finish that is perfectly distressed, accenting the Rococo curves and cabriolet feet. Note the beautiful layered painted finish, perfectly distressed to reveal the natural oak below.

Item# 22904
Antique Brown Painted Lacquered Chinese Cabinet Sideboard With Paneled Doors

Visual intrigue abounds in this small yet dramatic dark brown painted Chinese cabinet with lacquer finish. It is the unique heavily paneled doors and upper drawers that one finds mesmerizing with the evocative rounded metal studs that create the trim.

Item# 163
Antique Dark Oak Refectory Library Table With Decoratively Carved Skirt from France

Heavy turned legs with a trestle base create the great lines in this solid oak refectory or library table from France. The decorative hand-carved skirt adds depth and drama as well. Notice the dark patina of the oak, grown rich through years of use.

Item# 16350
Antique Folk Art Painted Bench With Storage Dated 1913

This wonderful pine bench still retains the traditional folk art paint of the era, with simple floral motifs painted on an earth-toned base such as this one.

Item# 50467
Antique French Bleached Oak 2-Door Sideboard

It is the lovely carved details and heavily paneled doors that draws one to this French oak sideboard. The bleached finish gives it a fresh and welcoming look for today's modern home and shows off the wonderful grain.

Item# 16410
Antique French Bleached Oak Large Chest of 3-Drawers

This handsome large French oak chest of drawers has been given new life with a bleached finish, lightening the dark oak and bringing out the lovely details of the paneled drawers and tapered feet. Carved wreathes encircle the central key hole.

Item# 16340
Antique Green Painted Chest of Drawers from Sweden

This delightful chest of drawers has a seafoam green painted finish trimmed in soft white. The  gentle distressing throughout adds an aged grace to the dresser as well. Two brass pulls on each drawer makes it easy to access the three drawers.

Item# 23093
Antique Hard Wood Narrow Bench from China

Antique hardwood bench from China, circa 1800's. There is a warm natural patina to the wood which has a soft, worn appeal. The thick top makes this bench very solid and sturdy; it is ready to be placed and enjoyed.

Item# 155
Antique Heavily Caved Hunt Cabinet from France

Dramatic carved oak hunt cabinet from France; carved images include but are not limited to stag, geese, foul, wild boar, nuts, leaves, musical lyre and more. The cabinet is made in 2 sections, the upper cabinet resting upon the lower sideboard.

Item# 12227
Antique Large Blue Painted Baroque Armoire, Denmark

This massive oak armoire is even more impressive due to the baroque carving that adds depth to the paneled doors. The interior holds removeable shelves for storage. The newer blue finish has been distressed to fit the age & character of the armoire.

Item# 22474
Antique Large Carpenters' Workbench
Item# 22658
Antique Large Carved Bleached Oak Bookcase Display Cabinet from France

Impressive in every way, this heavily carved bleached oak display cabinet makes a dramatic impression. The hunt cabinet motif includes birds, fish, oak leaves, grapes, nuts and more. The original lead glass arched cabinet doors are trimmed in red glass.

Antique Large Dining Table Refectory Table From Denmark

This impressive library or refectory table is visually stunning due to the excellent craftsmanship revealed in the striking rounded legs with carved swag details. Notice the "X" pattern inlay in the top and the lovely carved skirt which add to the rich, elegant look.

Item# 22819
Antique Long Gray Painted Bench from Hungary

This wonderful long country bench has a scalloped back accented by curved arms and legs, adding a slight romantic touch to it. The gray paint was added at some point later in time (you can see the texture of crackled older finish below.

Item# 33970
Antique Narra Wood Spanish Colonial Dining Table

This handsome table reveals it Spanish Colonial style in the turned legs, trestle stretchers and carved feet. It is the beautiful narra wood from the Philppines that draws ones attention to the dark patina and smooth, worn finish.

Item# 144
Antique Original Blue Folk Art Painted Bench With Storage from Hungary

This delightful late 19th century storage bench from Hungary still maintains its original blue paint. The charming flowers and wreathes on the front were a traditional folk art style of the period.

Item# 33614B
Antique Original Blue Painted Side Table Small Cabinet Nightstand Potential Vanity With Zinc Top

Fun, funky and functional, this small old cabinet/work table is loaded with character. The original blue painted has been naturally worn and distressed over time, reavealing generations of use. The top was lined in old zinc.

Item# 23067
Antique Original Painted Chinese Bookcase Cabinet

This Chinese cabinet was restored with a high gloss finish, enhancing the original painted details.

Item# 151
Antique Original Painted Demi Lune Side Table from Sweden

This Swedish demi lune table has a "folk art" feel to it due to the original paint which decorates the curved edge of the top. Notice the aged patina of the painted finish and how wood pegs were used instead of nails.

Item# 23073
Antique Original Swedish Gustavian Chest of Drawers, Painted Gray

This lovely gray painted chest of drawer has the simple yet elegant lines that reveal its Swedish country style. The carving along the panel drawers and side columns were a traditional style motif reflecting the craftsmanship of the era.

Item# 23028
Antique Pair of Kubbestol Chairs from Norway

A kubbestol is a traditional Scandinavian chair made from a single log. While these unique folk-art chairs can be difficult to locate, a pair makes these a special find. Notice the hand-carved details around the base and gently curved back.

Item# 23083
Antique Pair of Original White Painted Swedish Gustavian Side Chairs

Charming pair of Swedish gustavian chairs.Note the tradtional carving and fluted legs and softly distressed white paint complimenting the style and grace of this pair.  The yellow checked uphostery adds a country appeal. Seat Height: 17"

Item# 23097
Antique Pine Farm Table Dining Table with Trestle Base

This farmhouse dining table has European country charm thanks to the unique X-stretcher base. The natual pine has been distressed through generations of use, adding depth to the character of the table. Restored and waxed, it is strong, stable and ready for use. 

Item# 50073
Antique Pine Farm Trestle Table 6' Dining Table

At just over 6' long, this old farmhouse table will serve well in today's modern home. The top of this table was made from 3 long planks, which reveal generations of use in every scratch, ding, gouge. Restored, it is in strong/stable condition and given a wax finish

Item# 33855B
Antique Set of 4 Swedish Rococo Period Chairs With Vintage Leather Seats

Original  Swedish rococo period chairs.  The graceful lines of the curved back with carved shell details are complimented by the legs and lower stretchers with trailing leaves along the legs. The stunning patina is seen in the traces of blue paint.

Item# 23084
Antique Set of 8 White Painted Swedish Rococo Dining Chairs

Swedish country charm exudes from this set of 8 rococo dining chairs with graceful curves & simple carved details.  The dove gray paint was gently distressed over generations of use. Seat height is 17"; each padded pop out seat can easily be re-upholstered if desired.

Item# 22980
Antique Small Blue Painted Chest of Drawers Nightstand

This stunning small chest of drawers is quite dramatic thanks to the (newer) blue paint that is perfectly distressed, accenting the Rococo curves & cabriolet feet. The size makes it adaptable to use as a nightstand, side table or simply small chest of drawers.

Item# 22745
Antique Spanish Colonial Dining Table Made from Narra Wood

Blending Spanish colonial craftsmanship and design, this 6' table is made from endemic Philippine hardwood, likely narra wood. Attractive turned legs and trestle base are accented with the sculpted/carved feet.

Item# 108
Antique Spanish Colonial Narra Wood Dining Table

This striking dining table is a combination of Spanish colonial style crafted from the beautiful and extremely hard narra wood.. Traditional design included a "floating panel;" the top is surrounded by a panel which allows it to shift/adjust to changes in humidity.

Item# 126
Antique Tall Pine Chest of Drawers Highboy from Sweden

Antique 19th century Swedish pine highboy chest of paneled drawers. Notice how the top drawer sits forward of the lower four and is accented by long side half columns. The dresser is restored and pine has been given a wax finish.

Item# 22778
Authentic Vintage Black Leather Club Chair from England

Original vintage leather Chesterfield club chairs are highly sought after today. The black vintage leather here is accented with the traditional tufted back, heavily rolled arms and nail head accents. The square shaped seat sits comfortable & deep.

Item# 23010
Authentic Vintage Chesterfield Sofa from England

The unique appeal of vintage leather over something new is difficult to describe, but it is the worn patina that comes slowly over time that creates the depth of character in an aged leather sofa such as this one.

Item# 22358
Large 7' Vintage Leather Chesterfield Sofa from England

Vintage leather furniture is highly sought after these days, making this 7' sofa a great find. The tufted Chesterfield back with heavy rolled arms is classic and inviting. The dark brown leather is in very good condition, all buttons are in place, and it sits very comfortably.

Item# 23094