Antique Baroque Chest of Drawers With Blue Painted Finish

The (newer) blue painted finish has been lightly scraped & sanded exposing the natural wood beneath and beautifully highlighting the details of the casework. The scalloped contours of the top are repeated in each of the serpentine drawer fronts.

Item# 22899
Antique Bleached Buffet Sideboard With Hidden Storage From France

It is the lovely carved curved details along the paneled doors in addition to floral embellishments on the lower skirt and upper panel that sets this French sideboard apart from other, in addition to the top which lifts open on hinges to reveal hidden storage underneath.

Item# 16344
Antique Pine Kitchen Table Writing Desk from Denmark

The pine is inviting in this delightful farm table with turned legs. With the single drawer, it may serve as a small desk in addition to a kitchen table. The pine is raw/natural with no added finish, keeping a very organic, informal feel to it.

Item# 22327
Antique Small Blue Painted Chest of Drawers Nightstand

This stunning small chest of drawers is quite dramatic thanks to the (newer) blue paint that is perfectly distressed, accenting the Rococo curves & cabriolet feet. The size makes it adaptable to use as a nightstand, side table or simply small chest of drawers.

Item# 22745
Authentic Vintage Set of 3 Travel Trunks With Monograms from Sweden

This authentic set of 3 travel cases is reminiscent of the days of train travel and crossing the Atlantic on an early ocean liner. Each are furnished with a detachable wicker drawer and upholstered interior. Old newspaper clippings & torn travel tag still attached.

Item# 22649
French Cement Large Bird Cage
Item# 16379
Large Antique Pine Chest of Four Drawers

The appeal of this large pine chest of drawers is the simplicity of the lines and the 4 large, spacious drawers. The simple carved detail along the sides were a traditional style element of the period. It is restored, functionally strong & has a wax finish.

Large Italian Planter With Cherubs
Item# 16378
Large Vintage Work Table With Trestle Base

The appeal of this old work table comes from the aged wood itself, worn and distressed through years of use adding to the character of the table. The iron bolts on the sides & cut out section (likely where a vice was attached) add an industrial vibe.

Item# 33901
Rough Hewn Vintage Coffee Table Old Work Table

This one of a kind coffee table will draw attention and comments from visitors due to the wood that has a worn aged patina with an organic, raw feel. The deep gouges, marks and stains are all indicative of the generations of work it received.

Item# 33537
Rustic Antique Small Work Table Side Table

This  rustic side table was used as a work table for years, as seen in the deep gouges, oil stains and distress of the top. The iron bolts and heavy trestle base add to the industrial and work feel; it is solid, stable and ready to be used.

Item# 34300
Rustic Coffee Table Vintage Plank Work Table

The  weathered wood has been heavily distressed, indicating this served as a work table in its early life due to the many gouges and scrapes. The splay legs were a traditional feature of the era, but at some point in it's long life it was cut down to an ideal coffee table height.

Item# 33973
Rustic Slab Wood Coffee Table from Vintage Work Table

There is something organic and inviting in the thick (over 2") wood top of this rustic square peg leg coffee table. The heavy gouges, stains, old worm holes (of no concern), knots, cracks and nicks all combine to build the depth of character seen in it.

Item# 33976
Rustic Slab Wood Coffee Table Old Work Table from Hungary

It is the thick slab hardwood itself that one finds intriguing in this rustic table. It originally served as a work table whether for carpenter or butcher resulting in the deep gouges, marks and distress of the top. Cut outs indicate a tool or vice was once attached there.

Item# 34048
Vintage Slab Wood Plank Console Table With Splay Peg Legs

The slab wood of this console table has an organic feel while the deep gouges, marks and distress combine to make this rustic table so unique. The table top is 71.75" wide x 16.5" deep, but the splay legs extend to make the total dimensions 72" wide x 20.5" deep.

Item# 33974
Vintage Thick Raw Slab Wood Coffee Table With Splay Legs

The  3" thick slab top draws one to this rustic coffee table due to the heavy distress seen in every scratch, stain & deep gouges that came from years of use( likely in a butcher's shop).  The square splay legs are sturdy to support the heft of the impressive top.

Item# 33904
Vintgage Rustic Work Table Slab Wood Coffee Table With Splay Legs

The dark, aged patina is inviting in this old butchers work table that now serves as a coffee table. Every scrape, deep gouge, stain and crack acquired with well over 100 years of use have loaded it with character.

Item# 33898
Antique Oak Narrow Coffee Table with Two Drawers

Form and function come together well in this narrow coffee table. The heft of the oak is balanced between the thick top and heavy turned legs with stretcher attached. The oak has been left natural & waxed allowing old knots, knarls and age related cracks to deepen its character.

Item# 16248
Antique Pine Farm Table

While simple in design, there is something captivating in this European country farmhouse table. Both the gracefully turned legs and natural pine draws the eye to it and invites one to sit and linger. This pine kitchen table has been restored and lightly waxed.

Item# 21995
Vintage Rustic Slab Wood Console Table

It is the rough hewn hard wood top one finds intriguing in this console table. It originally served as a work table as seen in the heavy gouges, marks & stains which distress the top. Cracks and the natural veins & knots in the wood all add to the rustic appeal.

Item# 33841B
Antique Scrubbed Oak French Coffee Table With Two Drawers

This unique square coffee table is a wonderful find. The French oak has been bleached/scrubbed leaving an inviting natural finish while it rests solidly upon the four attractive feet. Two drawers flank opposite sides.

Antique French Provincial Oak Bookcase Display Cabinet

Striking in person, the beautiful details in this oak cabinet reminds one of the classic beauty found in French country style. Lovely carved details, panels & hardware accentuate this bookcase. With adjustable shelving, it will also serve as an impressive display cabinet.

Item# 16336
Antique Original Painted Swedish Mora Grandfather Clock, Dated 1786

The graceful curves of this tall grandfather clock are what define the famous Mora clocks of Sweden. The impressive date of 1786 is clearly visible on the longcase while the original pale green (teal) paint with red trim has softly faded through the years.

Item# 23005
Antique Console Table On Cabriolet Legs

This low console table draws one to it with a desire to run fingers along the top due to the deep, aged patina of the old pine. There is residual green paint that has worn off through generations of use. This unique table has been restored and waxed.

Item# 16344
Long Narrow Antique Original Gray Painted Bench

This rustic pine bench maintains its European country charm thanks to the original soft gray paint has been gently worn off through years of use. Built in a traditional style with 3 deep legs and angled support. Restored, strong/stable & ready for use.

Item# 33380B
Antique Original Blue Painted Small Farmhouse Table With Drawer

The charm of this cottage style table is in the simple details and rich patina of the distressed hard wood top & painted base. The original blue (& even some underlying green) paint has been worn and distressed from years of use. Restored, strong & stable.

Item# 33542B
Antique Original Painted Break Down Armoire with Figures, Birds and Flowers from Germany

This stunning "break down" armoire is a wonderful find with hand-painted figures. Dated 1809 along the top, a cityscape accents the lower drawer while flowers embellish the canted and side panels. The decorative hand-wrought iron hinges are all original.

Item# 22623
Large Antique Original Blue Painted Armoire, Denmark

The wonderful lightly distressed blue paint is all original on this pine armoire from the European countryside.  The large interior is open, in the upper section you can see the original hanging pegs. Restored and waxed; it is strong/stable and ready to be placed and used. 

Item# 22784
Antique Original Swedish Brown Painted Bench With Low Back

This bench has a romantic country feel to it thanks to the original hand-painted details that have been well preserved. The brown painted faux wood finish (traditional for the era) is highlighted with traditional floral details & flourishes of blue, cream & yellow.

Item# 22810
Antique Pine Sideboard from Denmark With Carved Panel Doors

This pine sideboard was a traditional element in farmhouses throughout the 1800's in Europe. The decorative floral carving in the panel doors add a touch of European country charm. Restored so it is strong/stable; a wax finish which brings out the warmth of the pine.

Item# 22851
Antique Pine Chest of 4 Drawers from Denmark

This pine chest of drawers has 4 drawers and will serve well as either dresser or tall nightstand. Unique to this chest is the the decorative top that was a traditional Danish style element in the 1800's. The entire piece has been restored and lightly waxed.

Item# 22850
Antique Pine Sideboard Buffet with Mirror

Decorative elements abound in this striking pine buffet server from the late 1800's. Turned columns, finials, and a mirror all add to the strong visual impact. The upper section has stylized shelving to show off items on display. restored and waxed.

Item# 22888
Pine Antique Sideboard Serving Buffet With Mirror

Decorative elements abound in this striking pine buffet server from the late 1800's. Turned columns, finials, and a mirror all add to the strong visual impact. The upper section has stylized shelving to show off items on display. Restored and waxed.

Item# 22787
Pair, Vintage Leather Club Chairs from France

Vintage leather club chairs are sought after by those seeking to add an aged element to a modern home. This pair of French club chairs with large rolled arms will do just that, with a dark patina that comes from generations of use. Seat height: 17"

Item# 22981
Pair, Vintage Red Leather Club Chairs by Designer Otto Schultz

Amazing pair of vintage red leather club chairs by Otto Schultz. The notable use of nail heads as decoration were one of Schultz's style statements, yet it is the unique red leather faded gently over the years that sets this pair apart from all others.

Item# 22902
Antique European Pine Side Table With Turned Legs

It is the four turned legs that one notices in this simple pine side table. IT has been restored so it is strong/stable and given a satin wax finish over the natural pine (any scratches/dings are age related). This delightful European country table will make a great end table or even nightstand.

Item# 21973