Denver Antique Paintings

Large Antique Italian School, 'Roman Charity', Oil on Canvas Painting


Painted in the late 18th or early 19th century this large allegorical oil painting, "Roman Charity" the story of Cimon and his daughter Pero, is mounted in an exceptional period plaster and  gilt wood frame. Pl

Original Antique Oil Painting Portrait of a Danish Fisherman

Item #: 22110


The light, pastel like colors in this wonderful portrait of a fisherman sitting on the bow of his boat, complement the impressionist style of the artist. Notice the subject's one bare foot propped on a bucket, while he i

Original Antique Oil Painting of Three Young Girls Reading by Jul Paulsen

Item #: 21987


This endearing painting captures a simple yet intimate moment between three young girls, possibly sisters. The girl on the viewer's left appears to be reading from a small book or even diary to the others, as the other t

Antique Oil Painting of Smiling Woman in a Garden by Georg Seligmann

Item #: 22017


A smiling housewife waving goodbye in the sunlit doorway of her home adds cheer and brightness to this large original oil painting. The artist gives us a small glimpse of the outdoor garden through the double doors

Vintage Oil Painting of 3 Girls Stringing Flowers, Francis Patrick Martin

Item #: 21984


This beautifully balanced antique oil painting is calm and serene yet bright with three young girls and distant views of a lake fields beyond. Two girls watch as a third concentrates on making a string of flowers in a lu

Antique 19th Century Original French Oil Painting of Men Drinking in a Tavern

Item #: 21211


Antique 19th century French oil on canvas interior scene of 4 men drinking and smoking in a tavern. Mounted in an antique gold painted wood and plaster frame.

Antique 18th Century Original German Oil Painting Portrait of Two Young Boys

Item #: 21227


18th century original German oil on canvas portrait of two young boys in period clothing, one holding a bird on a string. The painting is unsigned and mounted in an antique gilt wood frame.

Original 18th Century Italian Florentine School Oil Painting, 2 Figures Holding the Sacred Heart

Item #: 20555


Likely Florentine school, oil on canvas painting of two figures embracing while gazing upwards towards the Sacred Heart. This is most likely a fragment of a much larger painting that has been mounted in an ornate antiqu

Large Original Austrian Oil Painting of Young Couple and Cherub, Oskar Larsen dated 1925

Item #: 21034


Allegorical oil on canvas painting of a young couple with a cherub. Signed and dated on the front: 'Oskar Larsen in 1925'. Oskar Larsen (Born Vienna 1882 -1972) was a well-known Viennese artist, member of the artist unio

Antique Oil on Canvas Interior Scene of Father and Daughter signed Sophus Vermehren

Item #: 21911


This early 20th century genre scene of a father and daughter in a well furnished period dining room has wonderful detail and balance.  There are slight vertical stretcher marks on the left and right sides, otherwise

Antique Oil Landscape Painting of Two Girls on Hilltop, signed Valerie Telkessy

Item #: 21761


Two girls sitting on a hilltop, overlooking fields on a lovely summer day. The girl on the left in hat adorned with green ribbon is holding a ball of yarn, while the girl to the left with long flowing scarf is helping he

Original Danish Oil on Canvas Painting by Carl Budtz Moller

Item #: 21945


This Danish pastoral scene depicting a farmer, his wife and daughter cutting hay in a vast and sunlit landscape, is mounted in a gold painted wood frame and signed in the lower right " C. Butdz-M", Danish artist Carl But

Antique 18th Century Italian Oil on Canvas of Two Women, circa 1760

Item #: 20852


In this oil on canvas rendering of two women, the artist's use of light focuses the attention on the face and shoulder of the young woman in blue gown.

Antique 19th Century Oil Painting Portrait by Sigurd Wandel

Item #: 21665


Original oil on canvas portrait of a mother and son by Sigurd Wandel (1875-1943), signed in the lower right with the initials SW. The painting is mounted in a giltwood and gesso frame and penciled on the back stretcher,

Antique Impressionist Oil Painting, Woman in a Park, Signed F. John


Wonderful impressionist oil painting of a woman sitting in the grass of an urban park. The painting is signed F. John in the lower right and mounted in a gold painted wood frame. Please take a moment to enlarge the photo

Antique 19th Century Oil on Canvas Painting by Carl Carlsen

Item #: 21475


Original oil painting of a Victorian gentleman holding a box of matches and lighting his cigar while reclining in a forest setting. The painting is mounted in a gold painted frame with the artist's name, Carl Carlsen, on

Original Antique Oil Painting of Victorian Woman Playing Croquet

Item #: 21989


A gentlewoman with croquet mallet in hand is seen enjoying a lovely Danish summer day in this original oil on canvas painting. Her long white dress, hat and hair style are indicative of the late Victorian period. While t

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Interior Painting by Karl Madsen

Item #: 20649


The depth of this interior scene with it's rich, lush furnishings, tapestries and paintings is remarkable. Possibly the artist's parlour or studio, the eye is drawn around the room from the easel to the piano to the orie

Original Interior Oil on Canvas Painting of Woman in Hallway

Item #: 21900


Original oil on canvas genre painting of woman in long period dress walking through a dimly lit interior corridor with the soft glow of candlelight in the corner. The painting is mounted in a gilt wood and gesso frame&nb

Original Oil on Board Interior Painting by Nancy Chaboun

Item #: 16139


Bright and beautiful interior scene of a woman potting flowers by Arizona artist, Nancy Chaboun. The painting is signed Chaboun in the lower right and mounted in a contemporary gilt wood frame. Please take a moment

Antique Landscape Oil Painting With Cows by Poul Steffensen

Item #: 22142


This delightful landscape oil on canvas painting depicts two black and white cows in a bucolic setting, standing in a pond surrounded by lily pads. It is not surprise that the painter is known for his realistic landscape

Antique Oil Painting of a Farrier and Draft Horses by Carl Hertz

Item #: 21986


The activity in this painting brings it to life with the young farrier busy shoeing one draft horse while the owner, smoking a pipe, converses with the senior farrier. Notice the wooden shoes of both farriers, common to

Vintage Original Oil Painting of a Flight of Geese, Knud Edsberg

Item #: 21983


The exceptional detail and use of light evokes the sounds and feel of geese taking flight from a marsh in this original vintage painting. The flock flies through the rays of the rising sun, diffusing the light and highli

Original Antique English Oil Painting of Horses

Item #: 21991


This original 19th Century oil painting of three healthy, well muscled horses in a stable yard is bright and remarkably detailed. Take note of the pair of pigeons sitting on the edge of the water barrel. There is a repai

Antique Original Oil Painting of Horses Grazing, signed Carl Hertz

Item #: 21898


This original early 20th Century landscape oil painting features a small herd of horses in a grassy field. Mounted in a gold painted frame, the painting is signed and dated C Hertz '40 in the lower left by Danish artist

Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Bull in Field, signed Gunnar L., dated 1922

Item #: 13126


Original Oil on Canvas painting of a lone bull in a field, signed and dated in the lower left Gunnar L. 1922. While there are some "bubbles" in the canvas, we found the painting charming and priced it accordingly. Long a

Original Early 20th Century Oil Painting of Horses

Item #: 21282


Original signed oil painting of a herd of horses. The painting is mounted in a gold painted wood frame and signed in the lower right J Kamich -  the Polish artist Jaroslav Kamich (1929 - ).

Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Dachshund Puppies by Simon Simundson

Item #: 21702


Original oil painting of five black and tan dachshund puppies in a courtyard. The painting is signed in the lower right Simon Simonsen and mounted in an ebonized wood frame. Please take a moment to enlarge the photos to

Antique 19th Century Original Danish Oil Painting of Barnyard Goats

Item #: 21245


Danish 19th century original oil painting of a barnyard scene with three goats, mounted in a gilt wood frame. Signed and dated in the lower left, A.P. Madsen 1879.

Antique 19th Century Oil Painting of Horsemen by Adolf Mackeprang

Item #: 21389


Original oil on canvas of three men on horseback talking on a village street, by Danish artist Adolf Henrik Mackeprang (1833-1911).
The painting is signed with a monogram AM and mounted in a natural wood frame.

Original Oil on Canvas Painting, Signed Flemish Landscape of River Crossing with Cattle

Item #: 20612


Family on horseback with cattle and dogs crossing the river. Signed n. Berchem. Please examine and enlarge the photos to appreciate the colors, technique, canvas and lighting in this painting. Also notice the lovely fram

Original Antique Danish Watercolor Painting of Swans

Item #: 21687


The calm and peacefulness of the two adult swans swimming among the rushes is beautifully depicted, with great composition and balance in this serene watercolor in a soft color palette by Danish artist Karl Hansen-Reist

Original Oil on Canvas Painting, Horse & Buggy with Dog circa 1930

Item #: 30451


Original oil on canvas landscape from Hungary -  2 horses & buggy with a dog circa 1930.

Vintage Swedish Watercolor Landscape With Cows

Item #: 20851


This bucolic landscape with a farmer herding his cows, is a beautifully rendered watercolor with bright colors and great composition. It is signed in the lower left, Trevor Haddon, with a gilt wood and gold painted frame

Antique Oil on Canvas Portrait of a 19th Century Nobleman

Item #: 31528


Portrait of an early 19th century gentleman with aristocratic bearing. The white of his collar and lace cuff contrast well against the bright red jacket in the period clothing he is wearing. The canvas is unsigned and mo

Antique 19th Century Italian School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Robed Woman

Item #: 21678


An unsigned late 18th or early 19th century antique oil painting portrait of a woman in robes. The painting is in the style of the Italian school with craquelure throughout the canvas which is mounted in a giltwood frame