Original Antique Oil on Canvas Painting, Portrait of Young Woman circa 1900's

Item #: 14325


Oil on canvas painting, a portrait of a young lady by an unknown Danish artist. The painting is indistinctly signed and mounted in a gold painted frame.

Extra Large Oil on Canvas Painting of Venice Harbor, Signed P. Franc Lamy and titled 'Venise 1905'

Item #: 13758


Original Large Oil on Canvas Painting by Pierre Desire Eugene Franc Lamy (1855-1919, France). Harbor view from Venice at sunrise. The soft orange sky casts a glow on the sail boats, gondolas and blue green water of the h

Antique Norwegian Painting of Sea Harbor with Mountains - circa 1890


Large unsigned original oil painting of a sea harbor with a small fishing village and mountains in the background. The period ornate gilded frame complements this dramatic unsigned painting.



Original Oil on Panel of Mother and Child, Unidentified Artist, Signed

Item #: 20611


Oil on panel of mother and child - first half 1900s. Signed lower left, possibly Lindal or Lindau. Mounted in a broad, richly ornamented frame made of wood and plaster, painted gold.

Original Oil on Canvas Painting, Signed Flemish Landscape of River Crossing with Cattle

Item #: 20612


Family on horseback with cattle and dogs crossing the river. Signed n. Berchem. Please examine and enlarge the photos to appreciate the colors, technique, canvas and lighting in this painting. Also notice the lovely fram

Antique 18th Century Italian Oil on Canvas of Two Women, circa 1760

Item #: 20852


In this oil on canvas rendering of two women, the artist's use of light focuses the attention on the face and shoulder of the young woman in blue gown.

Large 19th Century Original Oil Painting, Young Noble Boy and His Dog

Item #: 20623


"Prince Rupert as a Boy," original unsigned large oil on canvas. Notice the air of aristocracy on the boy's face and dog by his side. This is a copy after the masterpiece by Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641). Gilt frame.

Antique Danish Oil on Canvas Painting; A Family Portrait, circa 1820-1840

Item #: 20428


The artist shows the family with rosy cheeks&bright eyes in an interior setting, posing on mahogany colored furniture against dark green walls, exhibiting an air of health & wealth in an almost primitive style. The vi

Original Early 19th Century American Antique Oil Painting, Portrait of a Woman, circa 1800-1820

Item #: 15246


Original antique oil on canvas painting, portrait of a seated woman, American circa 1800-1820. The painting is unsigned and mounted in a gold painted wood frame.

Large Original Austrian Oil Painting of Young Couple and Cherub, Oskar Larsen dated 1925

Item #: 21034


Allegorical oil on canvas painting of a young couple with a cherub. Signed and dated on the front: 'Oskar Larsen in 1925'. Oskar Larsen (Born Vienna 1882 -1972) was a well-known Viennese artist, member of the artist unio

Signed Original Danish Oil Painting of Chess Players by Edmund Fischer, circa 1940

Item #: 21009


One gentleman smokes a cigar while his opponent ponders the next move and a third man watches from the side. Mounted in a gilt wood frame, the painting is signed in the lower right, E. Fischer, Edmund Fischer (1889-1952)

Original Early 20th Century Oil Painting of Horses

Item #: 21282


Original signed oil painting of a herd of horses. The painting is signed in the lower right and mounted in a gold painted frame.

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Painting, Portrait of Fanny Magdalena of Eckenbrecher, 1800's

Item #: 14379


Original oil on canvas painting of Fanny Magdalena in formal black dress and pink flower in her hair by unknown artist. On the stretcher is the name Darsgestellten.She is a member of the Prussian officer's family of Ecke

"Houses on the Shore" Oil Painting, signed "Dahl"

Item #:


Original Oil Painting of Vestal Virgin Holding Oil Lamp

Item #: 14350


Original oil on canvas painting of woman holding oil lamp, depicting a vestal virgin. Beautiful lighting highlights the delicate features of her lower face and robes.

Antique 19th Century Oil Painting of Romantic Young Couple Picking Grapes

Item #: 13047


Romantic young couple; from her dress, is likely Russian influence and dates back to 1820's. The young woman's face is luminous, she is holding a dove or pigeon on her gloved right hand and reaching up to a cluster of gr

Vibrant Contemporary Acrylic on Canvas Painting of Two Women, signed by Yrsa Isabel Lind

Item #: 13730


This large, colorful painting is by the Danish artist Yrsa Isabel Lind. Her vibrant use of colors creates a sense of vitality and life in her paintings, reflected here with her vivid portrayal of two Asian women.Yrsa Isa

Wald Sichelkow Antique Oil on Panel Painting of Young Woman With Musical Instrument

Item #: 13744


Original oil on wood panel portrait of a young lady playing a musical instrument. Signed and dated, Wald Sichelkow, 1897. This artist's full name is Valdemar Sichelkow. The painting is mounted in an ornate antique gilt

Wald Sichelkow Antique Oil on Panel Painting of Young Woman and Dog

Item #: 13745


This delightful oil on wood panel painting depicts a young lady holding a small dog. It is signed and dated Wald Sichelkow 1879, known also as Valdmar Sichelkow. Mounted in an ornate, antique gilt wood and plaster frame.

Original Oil on Canvas Portrait, "Edith", muse of famous Danish artist Holger Drachmann

Item #: 1432


Original oil on canvas portrait of the singer and Danish Painter Holger Drachmann's lover and muse, Amanda Jensine Nielsen. Signed A. Weie on the reverse. Oil on canvas.


Original Antique Oil on Canvas Painting, "Portrait of My Wife," by Ole Petersen

Item #: 14421


"Portrait of my wife," by Ole Petersen (1856-1898) original oil on canvas. Exhibited at Charlottenborg in 1892, no. 679th. See close up photos to appreciate fine details, also note age related crackling. The painting is

Original Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Standing Woman with Hat and Feather, Signed & dated Vigeland 1909

Item #: 14444


Jens Peder Olsen Vigeland (1864-1912), portrait of a standing woman in evening wear, oil on canvas. Signed and dated Vigeland 1909. On the stretcher is inscribed, "Exhibited at Charlottenborg 1909."

Original Antique Italian Oil on Canvas Painting, Young Peasant Woman with Stick

Item #: 20051


Original oil on canvas painting of  a young woman  in a southern European setting, signed "Malasin." The charm of this painting is in the country appeal of the girl, who has the appearance of a gypsy. If of interest, ple

Portrait of a Seated Woman in White, Original Oil on Canvas by Carl Thomsen

Item #: 20076


Portrait of a seated woman in white by Carl Thomsen (1847-1912), original oil on canvas. Originated from Carl Thomsen's family.

Original Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Elegant Christine Middelboe, 1937

Item #: 20081


Christine Marie Middelboe (1742-1807) was the wife of Bishop Stephan Middelboe.  Signed and dated on the reverse Svend Rønne 1937. This portrait was commissioned as one of a pair along with her husband the Bishop. If the

Original Oil on Canvas of Bishop Stephan Middelboe, signed and dated Svend Rønne 1937

Item #: 20082


Original Oil on Canvas Portrait of Man with Book, the Bishop Stephan Middelboe (1730-1811). Signed and dated on the reverse Svend Rønne 1937. Note: this portrait was done as one of a pair along with Bishop Middelboe's wi

Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Boy and Girl Playing Tea Party Signed Ludvig Jacobsen

Item #: 20093


Original vintage oil painting of two children playing tea party. Vibrant colors of green, blue, and red in the scene. Mounted in a gold painted wood and plaster frame and signed Ludvig Jacobsen.



Original Signed Antique Oil on Board Painting, Portrait of Smiling Woman

Item #: 20095


Portrait of smiling young woman with hat and shawl. Signed Cilius A. Original oil on canvas laid on board - Denmark circa 1900.



Original Oil on Canvas Still Life of Banquet Table, signed by Sigrid Fischer

Item #: 20100


Original Oil on Canvas Still Life of Banquet Table by Sigrid Fischer 1900. Signed  S. Fischer. Note the bright colors of blue, red, white, and orange in the lavish display of fruit and flower spread across the long table

Original Oil on Canvas Still Life, Basket of Flowers circa 1800's

Item #: 20112


Unsigned still life oil on canvas of flowers and fruits in a basket from the mid to late 1800's.


Oil on Canvas Painting, Portrait of a Man circa 1840

Item #: 20113


Danish school circa 1840. Slight crackelature around the edges.



Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Mother Bathing Child, signed by Henrik Schouboe

Item #: 20118


Original oil on canvas by Henrik Schouboe.  Mother dressed in white and red, bathing child on a chair. They are presumably the artist's wife and daughter. Signed with monogram.



Oil on Canvas Still Life of Clock and Vases, Denmark circa 1920

Item #: 4506


Still life oil on canvas of a clock resting on a sideboard with a pair of flower vases.



Small Pair of 19th Century Paintings, Boating Couple and Woman on Shore

Item #: 20088


A pair of Paintings sold as a set. The scene is a romantic couple boating for the afternoon in one painting while what appears to be a gilted girlfriend spies on them from the shore hiding behind a bush in the other.

19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of Man with Feathered Cap, unframed

Item #: 3381


There is a jaunty air about this confident man wearing a feather in his cap.



Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Cowboy with Calf and Cow

Item #: 5053


Oil on canvas painting of cowboy on horseback roping calf.