Antique Oil on Board Painting of White and Bay Horses in Turnout, Signed Simon Simonson

This delightful painting portrays a white horse in the foreground and bay horse in the background under a spreading tree in what appears to be a turnout scene (notice a green hay trough to the left). This oil on board painting is signed and dated Simon Simonson 1884

Item# 21532
Antique Pair of Tall Icons on Wood Panel Circa 1800's, Saint Bartholomew and Saint Peter

Impressive and tall, these original hand-painted on board icons of Saint Bartholemew & Saint Peter originally hung inside a Swedish church in the early 1800's. The paint shows soft fading and craqueluer throughout which adds to the gentle grace of the pair.

Item# 22575
Large Original Oil on Canvas Painting Portrait of Lady Julie Glad

Large, lovely original oil on canvas painting of Julie Glad, née Kanneworff (1821–1886), married to captain Carl Frederik Glad (1803–1862).  This is possibly a wedding portrait, with the Captain's wife wearing white bridal satin and gloves.

Item# 22898
Large Original Oil on Canvas Portrait of Lady Sitting on Park Bench, signed by Carl Forup, Denmark

Large and impressive at almost 4' tall, this original oil on canvas portrays a refined lady dressed in white sitting on a park bench. Notice the fine details such as her hat, gloves and brooch. Well executed and signed by Danish artist Carl Forup.

Item# 22714
Original 7' Tall Oil on Canvas Portrait of Artist's Wife in Summertime, Signed Mattias Peschke-Koedt

Over 7’ tall, this dramatic painting will bring a splash of color and touch of joy to its surroundings. The lovely woman holding a bright bouquet of flowers enjoying a summer’s day is the artist’s wife, Adele Caroline Rautenbach. Signed by Mattias Peschke-Koedt.

Item# 22709
Original Danish Oil on Canvas Painting of Man With Cows Signed Poul Steffensen

Endearing original oil on canvas painting of farmer with dairy cattle by Danish artist Poul Steffensen (b. Bjerringbro 1866, d. Aarhus 1923). Condition:  minor peelings, one old repair (seen on backside of canvas). Age related scratches/marks on frame. 

Item# 22729
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Boy w/Cows In Pasture, signed Poul Steffensen

This delightful painting is a great example of Poul Steffensen's pastoral work. The Danish farm setting includes thatched roof farm houses in the background, geese and ducks in the pond where the boy is leading cattle to water. Signed Poul Steffensen (b. Bjerringbro 1866, d. Aarhus 1923). 

Item# 22779
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Bull in Field, signed Gunnar L., dated 1922

Original Oil on Canvas painting of a lone bull in a field, signed and dated in the lower left Gunnar L. 1922. While there are some "bubbles" in the canvas, we found the painting charming and priced it accordingly. Long ago, a prior owner glued the canvas to a board.

Item# 13126
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Cows at Pond, Signed A.B.Morgan

There is a primitive appeal to this delightful painting of cows in a pond, signed by A.B.Morgan. The canvas does have craquelure throughout, pin holes, scrapes and peelings present as well. The frame shows expected age related wear.

Item# 22759
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Exterior With Easel signed Isidor Kahcker

Intriguing oil on canvas painting of exterior, likely an old church with painter's easel and nearby chair, paint box and cane resting against the old building. Signed and dated I. Kalckar, 1879 (Isidor Kalchkar, b. Copenhagen 1850, d. s.p. 1884).

Item# 22545
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Herd of Cattle in Pasture, Signed W. Zier

“Cattle on grass by Løkken," original oil on canvas signed by W. Zier. This lovely landscape of a herd of cattle grazing in pasture is in good condition. Canvas may benefit from light surface cleaning.  Typical age related wear includes any scrapes/wear to frame. 

Item# 22825
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Horse Led Through Stream Signed Otto Bache

Original oil on canvas of a man on bay horse leading a white horse through a stream. Signed Otto Bache (b. Roskilde 1839, d. Copenhagen 1927). Condition: A larger peeling near the left edge, as well as minor peelings and age related craquelure, one retouch.

Item# 22589
Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Sail Boats Under Moon, signed Vilhelm Bille

Original oil on canvas painting by Vilhelm Bille (b. Copenhagen 1864, d. s.p. 1908). Seascape with sailing ships and boats, full moon. Condition: some retouches. Minor crackles and peelings. Canvas will benefit from a light surface cleaning.

Item# 22781
Original Oil On Canvas Portrait of Girl Standing With Bouquet of Flowers by Gustava Emilie Grüner

Enchanting portrait of a girl standing with a bouquet of pink flowers in her hand. Unsigned, Oil on canvas. On the back of the stretcher an exhibition label from Charlottenborg (the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts).

Item# 22684
Original Oil on Wood Board Portrait of Woman in White Lace, Signed Han Michael Therkildsen

Original oil on wood panel portrait by Michael Therkildsen (Denmark 1850-1925). Notice the finely executed details & use of light on the lady's face & lace shawl. Note there is a horizontal line/crack below the artist's signature. 

Item# 22715
Original Small Oil on Canvas Painting of Girl and Dogs

This delightful small painting portrays a young blue eyed girl with blonde hair sitting on a green lawn with her two dogs. Notice her red bonnet/hat (which matches the red sash of her white dress) lying casually at her side as well.

Item# 21873A
Original Small Oil Painting of Woman On A Summer Day, unsigned

This lovely original oil painting portrays an elegant young woman on a summer day in the country. Look closely as she appears to have a small dog companion at her side. Original oil on canvas later laid on board with minor retouches/repairs.

Item# 22711
Pair, Original Oil on Canvas Tall Paintings With Religious Portrayal of Faith and Hope, signed P. Wilstrup

This dramatic pair of oil paintings shows two standing women: The lady in red gown is holding a cross, symbolizing faith while the woman in green holds an anchor, representing hope. They are signed & dated by the Danish artist, P. Wilstrup, 1854.

Item# 22544
Pair, Original Painted Sicilian Donkey Cart Side Panels, Opera Muzio Scevola and Coriolanus

Two Sicilian donkey cart side panels, richly decorated with scenes from the opera Muzio Scevola and Coriolanus. The involved scenes with soldiers, sculptures, horses, royalty are dramatic. Gaius Mucius  Scaevola was an ancient Roman youth(mythical?)famous for his bravery.

Item# 22573
Original Oil on Canvas Still Life, Basket of Flowers circa 1800's

Unsigned still life oil on canvas of flowers and fruits in a basket from the mid to late 1800's. The basket appears to rest in a curved windowsill, with view of picturesque landscape in the distance.

Item# 20112
Large Antique Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Sailboat Seascape Along Rocky Shoreline, Signed

An old fashioned sail boat is seen off the rocky coastline in this original oil on canvas painting. The tranquil seascape is accented by billowing white clouds in the blue sky and green dunes lining the shoreline. Craqueluer is seen throughout the canvas.

Antique Original Oil on Canvas Landscape Painting with Mother and Child, signed

A serene grove of trees is the setting that welcomes mother and child for a walk in the sunshine in this delightful original oil on canvas painting. Signed LP in lower left corner.

Item# 20123
Large Antique Italian School, 'Roman Charity', Oil on Canvas Painting

Painted in the late 18th or early 19th century this large allegorical oil painting, "Roman Charity" the story of Cimon and his daughter Pero, is mounted in an exceptional period plaster and  gilt wood frame. 

Original Antique Oil Painting of Three Young Girls Reading by Jul Paulsen

This endearing painting captures a simple yet intimate moment between three young girls, possibly sisters. The girl on the viewer's left appears to be reading from a small book or even diary to the others, as the other two move closer to hear more. 

Item# 21987
Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Young Woman in White Dress Sitting On Edge of Boat

This peaceful painting portrays a young woman in long white summer dress, sitting on the edge of a boat in the shallows of a lake. She is watching two men fish off of another boat in the distance.

Item# 22287
Vintage Oil Painting of 3 Girls Stringing Flowers, Francis Patrick Martin

This beautifully balanced antique oil painting is calm and serene yet bright with three young girls and distant views of a lake fields beyond. Two girls watch as a third concentrates on making a string of flowers in a lush canopy of trees and bushes.

Item# 21984
Antique 18th Century Original German Oil Painting Portrait of Two Young Boys

18th century original German oil on canvas portrait of two young boys in period clothing, one holding a bird on a string. The painting is unsigned and mounted in an antique gilt wood frame.

Item# 21227
Antique Oil on Canvas Interior Scene of Father and Daughter signed Sophus Vermehren

This early 20th century genre scene of a father and daughter in a well furnished period dining room has wonderful detail and balance.  There are slight vertical stretcher marks on the left and right sides. signed in the lower left S Vermehren.

Item# 21911
Original Danish Oil on Canvas Painting by Carl Budtz Moller

This Danish pastoral scene depicting a farmer, his wife and daughter cutting hay in a vast and sunlit landscape, is mounted in a gold painted wood frame and signed in the lower right " C. Butdz-M", Danish artist Carl Butdz-Moller (1882-1953).

Item# 21945
Antique 19th Century Oil Painting Portrait by Sigurd Wandel

Original oil on canvas portrait of a mother and son by Sigurd Wandel (1875-1943), signed in the lower right with the initials SW. The painting is mounted in a giltwood and gesso frame and penciled on the back stretcher, "mother and son" Sigurd Wandel.

Item# 21665
Antique Impressionist Oil Painting, Woman in a Park, Signed F. John

Wonderful impressionist oil painting of a woman sitting in the grass of an urban park. The painting is signed F. John in the lower right and mounted in a gold painted wood frame.

Original Antique Oil Painting of Victorian Woman Playing Croquet

A gentlewoman with croquet mallet in hand is seen enjoying a lovely Danish summer day in this original oil on canvas painting. Her long white dress, hat and hair style are indicative of the late Victorian period.

Item# 21989
Original Interior Oil on Canvas Painting of Woman in Hallway

Original oil on canvas genre painting of woman in long period dress walking through a dimly lit interior corridor with the soft glow of candlelight in the corner. The painting is mounted in a gilt wood and gesso frame and is signed illegibly.

Item# 21900
Antique 19th Century Original Danish Oil Painting of Barnyard Goats

Danish 19th century original oil painting of a barnyard scene with three goats, mounted in a gilt wood frame. Signed and dated in the lower left, A.P. Madsen 1879.

Item# 21245
Antique 19th Century Oil Painting of Horsemen by Adolf Mackeprang

Original oil on canvas of three men on horseback talking on a village street, by Danish artist Adolf Henrik Mackeprang (1833-1911). The painting is signed with a monogram AM in the lower left and mounted in a natural wood frame.

Item# 21389
Original Oil on Canvas Painting, Horse & Buggy with Dog circa 1930

Original oil on canvas landscape from Hungary -  2 horses & buggy with a dog circa 1930.

Item# 30451