Vintage Iron Side Table made from Old Fence, circa 1920

Item #: 14205


The decorative top of this unique table is made from an old fence. The base was base was created to hold the top which is covered with a heavy glass top. Fun and Functional, this will make a one of a kind accent piece.

Antique 19th Century English Hexagon Tea Table Painted black

Item #: 1329





Antique English Mahogany Side Table or Small Coffee Table, circa 1940

Item #: 9044


This charming English Mahogany side table from the middle of the 20th century features the original embossed leather inlay on top, along with opposing pull out sides on either end. With tapered legs, this elegant yet sim

Small Antique 19th Century Tilt Top Side Table, circa 1820-1840

Item #: 15234


Small American tilt top tea table circa 1830 with a top crafted of walnut and a maple base. The center baluster is finely turned and is supported by 3 cabriole legs.


This item is part of our “unrestored” collecti...

Antique Swedish Blue Trestle Table, circa 1870

Item #: 15006


This small country pine table from Sweden still retains it's original light blue painted finish. The paint is worn in places allowing the pine to show through and a light wax finish has been applied, adding to the countr

Country 19th Century Pine Side Table Painted Black, circa 1880

Item #: 30097


Antique country pine side table from Romania circa 1880. Recently painted black, the table has been sanded in all the right places to show off the natural pine beneath giving it a country feel.  The table has been profes

Antique Early 20th Cenrtury Bistro Set, Table & 2 Chairs from Hungary

Item #: 30348


Vintage bistro set of 2 painted steel armchairs with wooden slats and an iron table base with painted wood top.


This item is part of our “unrestored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condi...

Pair of Antique 19th Century Swedish Pine Stools Painted Gray

Item #: 30504



Pair of Antique Painted White Stools from Sweden

Item #: 30439



Pair of Green 19th Century Painted Stools from Sweden

Item #: 30505



Pair of Antique 19th Century Gray Painted Stools from Sweden

Item #: 30497


Pair of painted pine stools from Sweden, circa 1900. The gray paint is worn in places exposing undercoats of turquoise and pine. The pair are sturdy, finished with a satin wax and are ready for use.



Pair of Antique 19th Century Blue Painted Stools from Sweden

Item #: 30503


This pair of rustic pine stools from Sweden circa 1900, have a distressed blue painted finish allowing an underlayer of white paint to show through.


Antique 19th Century Antique Swedish Tea Table Pinted White

Item #: 20210


Small antique pine tea table from Sweden circa 1880, on a tripod base painted white with gold accents.


20th Century Hand Carved Black Coffee Table From Cameroon

Item #: 15314


Ebonized coffee table from the late 20th century, hand carved in a cross hatch design from a single piece of wood in Cameroon west Africa.

Pair of Antique Demilune Birch Tables from Sweden, circa 1860

Item #: 20497


Nice pair of antique demilune birch tables from Sweden, circa 1860.


Antique 19th Century English Walnut Tilt Top Table

Item #: 14492


Antique walnut tilt top table from England circa 1860. This would make a great side or game table in spite of the top being slightly warped.

Antique 19th Century Swedish Side Table Painted White

Item #: 20563


This small painted pine side table with gold painted details and turned legs, was made in Sweden around 1870.


Antique 19th Century Swedish Oval Birch Side Table

Item #: 20800


Antique oval birch side table from Sweden circa 1840-1860, with a turned pedestal resting on a tripod base or scrolled feet.


Antique 19th Century Swedish Karl Johan Birch Side Table


This antique Karl Johan birch side table from Sweden, circa 1850-1870 , features an oval top resting on a single turned


Pair of Square Antique 19th Century Swedish Mahogany Side Tables

Item #: 20949


Pair of Antique mahogany side tables from Sweden, circa 1860-1880 featuring a square top surrounded by a brass gallery. There is a single draw


Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Side Table

Item #: 20485


Antique pine side table from Denmark, circa 1890. Two unusual scrolled feet support the turned legs and the table top with a single drawer and brass pull. These tables with a satin wax finish over the natural pine make g

Antique 19th Century American Mahogany Tilt Top Table

Item #: 15310


Small 19th century American antique mahogany tilt top table, circa 1830-1850, with a rectangular top supported by a single carved pedestal and a tripod base. A period brass latch holds the top in place or releases it whe

Small antique 19th Century Inlaid German Side Table

Item #: 15371


This small side table has dramatic impact due to the inlaid top including star and unique turned four legged base with stretchers.

Antique 19th Century Rennaisance Revival Danish Oak Side Table

Item #: 21214


Heavily carved antique oak Rennaisace Revival side table from Denmark, circa 1860-1880,  with a single drawer. Notice the carved lion heads in the four corners of the table top and below, the turned column legs supp

Antique 19th Century Neoclassical French Side Table Painted Gray

Item #: 15270b


Small antique French marble top side table, circa 1890-1910, with a marble insert on top and painted a pale gray green.

Small Antique 19th Century Danish Pine Side Table

Item #: 15402


Antique pine side table from Denmark, circa 1890, with turned legs and a single drawer.

This item is part of our “unrestored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condition. Before shipping or leav...