Antique White Painted Side Table Small Writing Desk from Sweden

The perfect patina in the (newer professionally applied) white painted finish gently graces this delightful side table from Sweden. Notice the single drawer with hand-carved grooves, a traditional Swedish style element along with the tapered legs

Item# 23855
Vintage Large Oak Farm Plank Top Table Dining Table

Strong and substantial, this large oak farm table will invite the entire family to sit and linger. Notice the heavy trestle base holding the plank top at 1.75" thick and 7.5' long. This style of trestle base easily allows chairs to be pulled up underneath and on each end.

Item# 23589
Antique 10' Long Oak Refectory Table Console Dining Table from France

Impressive in size at almost 10' long, this French oak library or refectory table is visually stunning with its eight turned legs and supportive stretcher. Six planks comprise the top with contrasting cross supports/dividers.

Antique White Painted Writing Table Console Table With Faux Marble Top from Sweden

This lovely antique revival writing table will serve well as a large console table in today's home. The newer applied professional white painted finish shows off  the X shaped stretcher & impressive barley twist legs. Traditional faux marble motif in a light taupe shade.

Item# 23550
Antique Long Industrial Work Table With Original Green Painted Base

What an amazing find! At over 9 1/2 feet long, this old work table has tremendous appeal thanks to the original green painted base and the stretchers supported by iron rods which give it an industrial edge. The entire table has been restored and gently sanded.

Item# 32595
Vintage Early 20th Century Bleached Oak Entry Table Console Dining Table from France

This bleached oak table has powerful presence thanks to the heavy carved columns that create the visually stunning legs of the large trestle base. The massive 3" thick top invites one to touch it. An impressive statement piece whether in an entryway, dining room or office.

Antique Spanish Colonial Dining Table Writing Desk

Blending Spanish colonial craftsmanship and design, this table is made from the beautiful and hard narra wood from the Philippines. The table has a light open feel with the attractive turned legs and trestle base, accented with the sculpted/carved feet.

Item# 106
Vintage Long Refectory Dining Table Painted Gray from France

This long(almost 10') oak refectory table has been given a newer, professionally applied painted finish suited well for today's modern home. The floor to skirt measurement is 25.5" high and the narrow table top ends extend 8.25" beyond the table base.

Item# 16409
Antique Narra Wood Spanish Colonial Dining Table

This handsome table reveals it Spanish Colonial style in the turned legs, trestle stretchers and carved feet. It is the beautiful narra wood from the Philppines that draws ones attention to the dark patina and smooth, worn finish.

Item# 144
Antique French Country Farm Dining Table With Painted White Top and Gray Base

The charm of this French country farm table comes from the simple lines, turned legs and gently aged painted finish. The base still maintains its gray paint which is complimented by the contrasting white painted top.

Item# 23321
Original Blue Painted Antique Swedish Country Drop Leaf Table

There is wonderful charisma to this sweet drop leaf table due to the varied colors of blue paint layered on through the years and now softly distressed

Item# 23075
​​​​​​​Antique Swedish Pine Gate Leg Drop Leaf Table 

It is the wonderful warm pine that draws one to this gate leg table from the Swedish countryside. Any nicks, scratches, and small cracks reflect the generations who have sat, dined, worked and conversed over this table.

Antique Black Lacquer Coffee Table With 3 drawers from China

This Chinese coffee table, with it's simple, clean lines and carved feet is made of elm and features a black lacquer finish. Take a close look at the photos to see how the dark brown undertones beneath the lacquer finish enhances the overall appeal.

Item# 121
Antique Chinese Black Lacquer Coffee Table With 3 drawers

This Chinese coffee table, with it's simple, clean lines and carved feet will fit perfectly in a modern setting. This table was crafted with a "floating top" allowing it to adjust to varying amounts of humidity allowing the top to expand and shrink accordingly.

Item# 120
Vintage Mid Century Modern Teak Coffee Table With Shelf

Sleek lines define this attractive mid-century modern teak coffee table from Denmark. The rattan/wicker shelf adds both function and visual intrigue.

Item# 23521
​​​​​​​Pair, Demi-Lune Tables ​​​​​​​Painted White, Sweden Circa

This graceful pair of antique demi-lune tables are from Sweden. Note the slender tapered/fluted legs and lovely skirt with applied carving. Both these side tables are finished with a newer, professionally applied layered white painted finish.

Item# 23693
​​​​​​​Antique Swedish White Painted Oval Tea Table Side Table from Sweden

This oval shaped side table is charming with it's rounded edges, decorative carved details& cabriolet legs. The newly professionally applied antique white paint has been lightly scraped exposing the natural pine beneath, fitting the age of this former tea table.

Item# 23856
​​​​​​​Antique White Painted Side Table With Trestle Base from Sweden

This small side table is both unique and charming, thanks to the gently distressed white painted finish and the decoratively carved trestle style base. This table has been restored, so it is strong, stable and ready for use.

Item# 24044
Antique Italian Renaissance Style Long Console Entryway Table from France

Beautiful lines define this striking 8’ long Italian Renaissance style console table. Crafted in pine, the white painted finish has been scraped and distressed to reveal the pinewood below, adding character and depth.

Item# 23841
Antique Oak Desk Writing Table With Two Drawers from France

This attractive French oak writing table has two wide drawers in the apron and 4 turned legs connected by a low stretcher. Note that it is free-standing, with a handsome "X" pattern carved into the deeper skirt of the backside.

Item# 16518
Antique Italian Renaissance Style 4' Console Entryway Table With Drawer

Beautiful lines define this striking Italian Renaissance style console table. Crafted in pine, the white painted finish has been scraped and distressed to reveal the pinewood below, adding character and depth to the finish while highlighting carved details.

Item# 23840
Vintage Mid-Century Modern Rosewood Coffee Table from Denmark

Crafted by a Danish master carpenter, this clean-lined, mid-century rosewood coffee table has both solid and veneered rosewood. Note the attractive wood and joints.

Item# 23430
Antique Rustic Elm Coffee Table With Two Drawers 

The rustic appeal of this coffee table comes from the aged patina of the worn elm wood. Every scratch, nick, crack and even old repairs simply add to the strong draw of this coffee table with two drawers, creating a desire to run ones hand along the aged top.

Antique Red Painted Coffee Table With Three Drawers from China

While entirely smooth, there is apparent texture to this coffee table due to the layers of red paint & natural wood that are revealed where the paint was worn through generations of use. The lacquer both protects and creates a lovely finish.

Item# 23875
Antique Original Gray Painted Side Table From Sweden

It is the original soft gray painted finish and gently curved cabriolet legs that attract attention in this endearing Swedish gustavian side table. The paint had been gently distressed through generations of use which instills an aged grace to the table.

Item# 23030
Pair, Vintage Butler's Tables with Removeable Trays from England

This classic pair of antique mahogany English butler's tables features removeable trays with scalloped sides, sold brass hinges and open handles for serving. The two side tables have a slight trim that helps hold the tray in place.

Item# 23361
Antique Work Table With Large Drawer Small Rustic Kitchen Island

This rustic table served as a work table for generations of use, seen in the heavy distress, gouges and darker patina along the top. A large metal "staple" is seen in both sides edge, used to solidify the age-related cracks that happened many years ago.

Item# 51536
Antique Original Red and Gray Painted Work Table Rustic Kitchen Island With Drawer

The worn patina of the original paint now reveal the pine below, reflecting generations of use in this wonderful work table. Loaded with character, the multiple scratches, dings, cracks and stains all add to the vintage feel of this rustic table.

Item# 51734
Antique Large White Painted Oval Farm Table Work Table from Sweden

This large oval table rests on a trestle base with four sides, indicating it may have served as a work table in the early 1800's. It is pine, but was given a white painted finish fitting its Swedish roots at some point.

Item# 22357
Vintage Slab Wood Rustic Console Table With Splay Peg Legs

It is the raw, natural wood top that one finds intriguing in this rustic table. It originally served as a work table, resulting in the appealing worn patina of the wood top due to the deep gouges, scrapes, old cracks, stains, etc. Top depth 14.25",Depth at legs 23.5"

Item# 51937
Early 20th Century Iron Base Work Table

The appeal of this old work table comes from the aged wood itself, worn and distressed through years of use adding to the character imbedded in the table. The industrial iron base is solid, allowing this to function as a desk, console, work or craft table.

Item# 50283
Vintage Small Pine Rustic Coffee Table with Iron Legs

This rustic coffee table may also serve as a unique side table, thanks to the vintage iron legs that accent the warm patina of the worn pine top. Restored and waxed, it is strong, stable and ready to use and enjoy.

Item# 51605
Antique Rustic Slab Wood Coffee Table with Splay Legs

With gouges, scrapes, stains, cracks and markings acquired with over 100 years of use originally as a work table, this coffee table is loaded with character.

Item# 51955
Rustic Slab Wood Vintage Coffee Table, Hungary

There is something organic and inviting in the thick __" wood top of this rustic coffee table. It is the years of use that have deepened its character, with a worn patina grown richer over time. The square splay legs are bolted to the top creating a slight industrial feel.

Item# 50282
Antique 19th Century White Romanian Coffee Table

This delightful antique pine coffee table has recently been given a white painted finish, adding to the European country charm of the piece. The single drawer and turned stretcher base add to the visual appeal, creating great impact in a small space.

Item# 14524
Vintage Iron Side Table made from Old Fence, circa 1920

The decorative top of this unique table is made from an old fence. The base was base was created to hold the top which is covered with a heavy glass top. Fun and Functional, this will make a one of a kind accent piece.



Item# 16109