Latest European Container

Antique Romanian Original Painted Trunk/Coffee Table, Romania

Item #: 40054


This striking trunk has a new life serving as a unique coffee table in today's modern home. Aside from the charming original paint, it is the areas that have been gently worn away from years of use that attract one to th

Antique Original Painted Trunk from Romania, Perfect Coffee Table

Item #: 40078


Perfect as a unique coffee table, this original painted trunk with red and green floral details is a great example of Romanian folk art from the mid 1800's. The flat top allows it to serve many functions in a modern home

Antique Carved Renaissance Oak Bookcase

Item #: 22140


Even more impressive in person, the elaborate and detailed hand-carving throughout this entire oak cabinet reminds one how gifted craftsmen and artistic talent were appreciated in the past. Simply examine one small secti

Antique Original Painted Swedish Allmöge Cupboard Cabinet Dated 1936

Item #: 22160


This expertly crafted cabinet reveal both a professional cabinet maker and painter were involved in creating what was likel a commissioned piece in the early 1900's. With hand painted family shields and monograms, t

Antique Pair Swedish Gustavian Painted Chest of Drawers Nightstands

Item #: 22154


Finding a matched pair of nightstands can be challenging, which makes this pair of Gustavian style chest of drawers an excellent find. Both have simple, clean lines and were painted later with soft gray paint and black t

Pair, Antique Armchairs, Sweden circa 1920-40

Item #: 22082


Casual and comfortable, these Swedish armchairs have graceful curves which add an air relaxed refinement to the pair.  The sides are a woven rattan, with hand-carved decrative elements in the arms, feet an

Antique Landscape Oil Painting With Cows by Poul Steffensen

Item #: 22142


This delightful landscape oil on canvas painting depicts two black and white cows in a bucolic setting, standing in a pond surrounded by lily pads. It is not surprise that the painter is known for his realistic landscape

Antique Danish Baroque Table


One can sit and eat or write and ponder over this Baroque oak table with handsome baluster shaped legs. The solid, aged oak top barely reveals its 200 years of use, yet bursts with character that is only developed o

Antique Danish Pine Grocer's Desk Free Standing Island

Item #: 22168


Fun and function abound in this free standing pine kitchen island with 15 drawers.  This delighful pine cabinet originally served as a grocer's shop counter or storage cabinet. Counters similar to this were use

Antique Hand Painted Large Russian Icon With Vibrant Colors

Item #: 22159


The captivating colors and unique large size makes this icon a special find. The vibrant red of the saint's robe is a striking contrast to the soft green background. This icon is painted on boards, traditional for the st

Antique Black Forest Antler Gun Rack from Austria

Item #: 22109


This highly unusual gun rack is from the famous Black Forest region of Germany. Spectacular details include multipe antler "medallions" with a different animal carved in each. Real antlers make up the gun and coat rack i

Antique Original Brown Painted Rustic Wood Door

Item #: 31566


Old doors are finding new life and purpose in modern homes today, and this one will make a great addition due to the wonderful deep panels and raised diamonds that add dimension to it. Unique to this door is the triangul

Antique Original Gray Painted Farmhouse Side Table

Item #: 32043


This side table with "X" stretcher or trestle base was a traditional style found throughout the european countryside during the 1800's. The original gray painted base is a wonderful contrast to the natural pine top, whic

Antique Hand-Made Wooden Bucket

Item #: 32356


This rustic, cooper made water bucket is made from tapered and beveled wood staves held together by iron hoops. A "cooper" was the craftperson who makes barrels or buckets. The hoops are driven down tight to hold th

Child's Antique Wooden Rocking Horse or Seesaw

Item #: 32117


This antique child's seesaw in the form of a rocking horse was made for two to play and constructed out of pine. Also referred to as a teeter totter, this working toy has an almost folk art quality with it's si

Pair, Antique Original Blue Painted Nightstands

Item #: 31968


The light blue paint is all original in this pair of narrow nightstands. Perfect for use in a small room, the soft color is perfect for a variety of styles including cottage, farm house, coastal farmhouse or simply a gue

Antique Original Painted Headboard and Footboard Date 1801

Item #: 31937


Vibrant colors abound in this remarkable, original hand-painted bed. The deep red, blue and green were favorite colors used in the very traditional and elaborate folk art style of Eastern Europe throughout the 1800's. No

Original Antique Blue Painted Cabinet Cupboard from Sweden

Item #: 22010


For those that appreciate the lovely hues of hand-painted antiques from the Swedish countryside, this original blue painted cabinet is a special find. It has aged gently over the years, resulting in a softly distres

Antique Original Blue Painted Bench

Item #: 31992


The dusky blue paint is all original on this traditional european country bench. Notice areas where it was touched more often (ie, the seat and arms) has naturally distressed and worn down to the warm pine below. Strong,

Antique Blue Painted Cabinet Bookcase with Glass Doors

Item #: 31676


The glass panels in the front doors are continued along the sides as well, making this bookcase an ideal display cabinet for china or other collectibles. The soft blue paint is lightly distressed along the carved details

Original Painted Swedish Cabinet Cupboard Dated 1834

Item #: 22153


This lovely cupboard from Sweden has an enduring appeal due to the original hand-painted details that still display beautifully even after so many years. Notice the personal names and monograms that crown the top with da

Antique Original Painted Armoire, Blue Painted Panels With Flowers

Item #: 32112


This delightful armoire was considered exceptional in its day, with the elaborate hand-painted details requiring a professional painter to invest a tremendous amount of time to complete. While it has grown worn and faded

Antique Tall Original Blue Painted Sideboard from Sweden

Item #: 31997


While blue was a traditional paint color used in Swedish antiques and cabinetry, it can be difficult to find original painted pieces due to their ongoing popularity. This lovely pine sideboard is special find due to the

Antique Original Blue Painted Cupboard Cabinet

Item #: 32035


There are actually 2 different layers of original blue paint that are revealed through the years of disress in this delightful country cupboard. Where the paint has been completely worn you see the natual pine below. Uni

Antique Rustic Original Painted Bench

Item #: 32032


This bench is loaded with character, and almost whispers the stories that have been told while sitting upon it.  The original and naturally distressed paint is a challenge to describe, almost a faded, soft salmon wi

Antique Pine Bench With Lattice Back

Item #: 32073


It is the distinctive lattice style back that gives this bench its wonderful country charm.  Please enlarge the photos to examine the details, including the pine which has been left natural, leaving an organic feel

Original Painted Cupboard Dated 1835 from Sweden


The paint and finish on this wonderful cupboard dated 1835 is all original, revealing its Swedish country roots. Everything about this painted cabinet hold to the traditional styles found in Sweden in the 1800's. The 4 p

Antique Original Blue Painted Work Table from Sweden

Item #: 31996


This old work table is a fun find due to the original blue painted finish that still remains and even has splashes of white paint adding character to it. It has aged and distressed over time, revealing an older layer of

Antique Pine Apothecary or Island Counter with Original Paint

Item #: 22136


Known as a "grocer's desk" in Denmark, every country store whether grocer, hardware or pharmacist would have had a pine counter or storage cabinet, often with many small drawers such as you see in this one. This counter

Antique Bow Front Mahogany Biedermeier Cabinet from Denmark

Item #: 22066


Stately and elegant, this mahogany cabinet reveals its Biedermeier style in the classic columns, bronze accents and bowed/curved door, in addition to the striking finish of the rich mahogany. Designed as a pedestal cabin

Antique Original Blue Painted Pine Bench

Item #: 32031


The eye-catching cobalt blue paint is all original in this long bench. While pine benches were a traditional element in country homes and farmhouses of Europe, this one is a special find due to the unique lower cabinet t

Antique Original Brown Painted Pine Bench


This bench speaks to one of a less stressful era when there was time to sit and linger, gazing at a sunset or children at play. The original brown paint is worn off of the bench seat, revealing the warm aged pine beneath

Antique Original Painted Flat Top Trunk on Legs

Item #: 30281


The festive colors of blue, red, yellow and green on the front panel of this trunk all point to the love of bright colors and flowers seen in many Eastern European antiques. This flat top trunk is raised up on four legs,

Antique Long French Sideboard Buffet with Black Painted Finish


This elegant, long French sideboard or buffet is impressive in every way. It's length, at just over 8 ft. allows great opportunity for serving or display in a formal dining room. Notice the hand-carved details in each pa

Antique Original Painted Swedish Trunk Dated 1839

Item #: 22077


Traditional Swedish folk art painting is a unique, hand-painted treasure and this wonderful domed top trunk is a perfect example of Swedish country craftsmanship. The paint is all original, and gently distressed over man

Antique Swedish Carved Pine Corner Cabinet Cupboard

Item #: 22079


It is the deeply aged patina of the pine that one finds entrancing in this beautiful carved corner cabinet. Every detail reveals the touch of a talented craftsman, from the curved bonnet to lattice etched details inside