Antique Set of 12 High Back Oak Dining Chairs With Carved Crown Details

This striking set of 12 tall dining chairs are made even more dramatic due to the carved crowns that embellish the upper top and lower stretcher, along with carved feet as well. The seats and backs are tan leather and appear to be relatively newer as they do not show much wear. 

Item# 22348
Antique Carpenter's Work Bench Console, Denmark

It is the years of constant use revealed in every ding & scratch that enrich the character of this old carpenters' workbench. It has two metal vices with wood handles and a recessed tray where the carpenter would lay his tools while many paint spills& oil stains reveal years of use.

Item# 22173
Vintage 5' Carpenter's Workbench Table from Denmark

The deep patina of this authentic carpenter's workbench is a reflection of its age and years of use, which are also reflected in every ding, scratch and gouge. Unique to this table is the shelf between the trestle base, allowing for additional storage or display.

Item# 22098
Antique French Walnut Farm Table

It is the beautiful walnut wood that captures ones attention & creates a desire to run your fingers along the surface of this French farm table. Notice the wonderful "wave" of darker grain that flows through both large planks that comprise the top while the turned legs add a graceful touch.

Item# 22342
Antique Original Painted Armoire from Austria with Canted Sides, Dated 1775

It is a joy to discover a truly beautiful, original painted armoire and this one is an exceptional find. The skill of the painter is still seen today, revealed in the soft colors and wonderful detail in the flowers, scrolling flourishes and borders throughout.The original heavy key and lock work.

Item# 22397
Antique Pine Shop Counter Apothecary Sideboard from Denmark

Unique and versatile, this antique pine cabinet was originally used as a shop counter and was known as a "grocers desk."  The 8 large drawers are balanced by 8 narrow drawers to the right. offering storage & making this perfect for a kitchen island (it can easily be raised).

Item# 22329
Antique Set of 12 Swedish Rococo Gray Painted Dining Chairs

This wonderful set of twelve dining chairs exudes a graceful country charm. While likely from a Swedish farm house, these speak to a more upscale home with a touch of elegance due to the extra elements of carved details & the shapely curves of the back & cabriolet legs.

Item# 22416
Vintage Leather Chesterfield Club Chairs, Set of 2

This pair of Chesterfield club chairs are in good condition for their age.  The turfted backs are barrel shaped which is both handsome and comfortable, adding to the appeal of the pair while there is a slight curve to the arms and a seat height of 17".

Item# 22382
Antique Pine Chest of Drawers from Denmark

This simple 4-drawer pine Chest of Drawers was a traditional household item during the 1800s in Denmark. The pine has been left untouched and it's warm patina reflects the generations of use it has received.

Item# 22349
Pair of Vintage Leather Club Chairs

The richness and character that comes from authentic vintage leather chairs cannot be replicated. This pair of club chairs is a great example of the perfect blend of old leather, aged well and darkened along the corners and where it was most often touched.

Item# 22343
Vintage Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Grazing Cattle Signed by Poul Steffenson

Lovely depiction of cattle grazing; signed and dated 1920. It is not surprise that the painter is known for his realistic landscapes and animal paintings. Poul Steffensen (1866-1923) was born in Vejerslev, Denmark and additionally worked as an illustrator.

Item# 22396
Vintage Round Coffee Table With White Painted Base

This fun coffee table is made from reclaimed parts; the top was likely a bistro table top. While the planks show expected age-related separation, they are held firmly together with the original wrought iron banding.

Item# 32583
Antique Original Painted Flat Top Trunk With Bright Floral Bouquets

It is the bright floral bouquets that attracts one to this delightful old trunk or blanket chest from Hungary. The paint is all original and a reflection of the traditional folk art style of the period and desire to bring  color and beauty from the outdoors into ones home.

Vintage Square Coffee Table Made from Heavy Butcher Block Table

This coffee table is a great find! Made from a very large, heavy butcher's block, the thick top creates a powerful visual impression while also tempting one to run your fingers along the well worn, marred and used work surface.

Item# 22439
Antique Large Bow Front Original Painted Corner Cabinet Cupboard, Sweden

Beautiful and stately, this large bow-front corner cupboard is a wonderful example of Swedish folk art and craftsmanship from the early 1800's. The lovely original hand-painted panels of gray with large flourishes are often referred to as rosemaling

Item# 22145
Antique Farm Table Trestle Kitchen Dining Table

The trestle base of this farmhouse table has a strong visual appeal due to the unusual "V" shape. At some point over the last 100 years, a prior owner altered the straight trestle base giving it this unique look which also allows those seated more comfort and room for their knees

Item# 31660
Antique Large Library Table from Denmark

This massive oak library table is impressive in both size and visual impact. The heavy base has carved slats and details that bring an architectural atmosphere to it; it is easy to imagine it originally placed in a large library or even court house.

Antique Small Wine Press, Can Sit On Table Top

This wine press is a fun find, hand crafted from oak around the turn of the century. The heavy gauge of the hand-thread iron shows dramatically against the oak, creating a strong visual appeal.

Item# 32664
Pair, Antique Vintage White Painted 8' Tall Doors

This tall pair of doors has the old vintage white paint that is often sought after today. Notice the simple carving in the top and bottom panels along with the applied carved finial accent in the center that add a bit of dimension and character to the doors.

Item# 32578
Antique Original Painted Baby Cradle With Sacred Heart and IHS Christogram

This beautiful baby cradle was hand-crafted by a loving family in the 1800's. The exceptional original paint includes beautiful floral motifs against a dark green (almost teal) background. One end has the IHS Christogram which includes a cross and sacred heart.

Antique Primitive Cast Iron Crucifix Christ with Distressed Aged Patina

The powerful appeal of this cast iron crucifix comes from the rusted, aged almost black iron with scattered remains of old, crackled white paint. The combination of severely weathered iron with the distressed finish enhance the visual impact of the symbolic suffering of the Christ figure.

Item# B3
Antique Cast Iron Large Crucifix of Christ with Aged Gray Patina from France

The aged, weathered gray patina reveals distress throughout this antique cast iron crucifix, yet adds to the powerful impact of the suffering Christ figure. One's gaze rests on the face of Christ and the crown of thorns encircling His head. 

Item# B2
Antique Large Cast Iron Crucifix with Rusted Aged Patina, France

This impressive antique cast iron Christ crucifix was long ago separated from its original cross. The weathered, aged patina reveals rust all over, in addition to wear and distress adding somehow to the powerful impact of the suffering Christ figure.

Item# B1
Antique Primitive Wood Wine Press Circa 1880

There is heft and substance to every part of this hand-built wine press. Visually impressive are the hand-turned screws with carved handles  and the old, wrought iron bolts and straps that support it. Every crack, gouge and old repair add to the authentic vintage feel of this intriguing item.

Item# 32442
Antique Tall Single Door Armoire w/drawer

While primitive, there is a stately allure to this 7' tall single door armoire. The original paint has greatly been worn off through the distress of many years, leaving a residual amount of black and dark green paint, blended with large areas revealing the natural pine below.

Item# 3197
Antique Pine Single Door Armoire With Curved Panels

It is the beauty of the warm, aged wood that captures your attention in this pine armoire that stands almost 6 1/2ft tall. The lovely curves of the panels and bonnet add a touch of grace while the large dovetail joints and hardware remind us of its age.

Vintage Pine Farm Table Console Table With Gray Painted Base

It is the wonderful, aged pine of this old farm table top that draws one to it, inviting you to touch it. All the cracks, wear, stain and gouges add to the authentic vintage feel. The new base with turned legs has been given a gray painted and distressed finish, complimenting the age of the old top

Item# 32544
Vintage Armillary or Sun Clock on Original White Pedestal Base, Denmark
Item# 22179
Vintage Plant Stand with Original Gray Paint, Sweden

This original gray painted plant stand is a delightful find! It has multiple sections/places for plants, succulent or to simply display items of your choosing. Notice the distress and loss of paint that has allowed the stand to age gracefully, adding a depth of character and charm to the piece.

Authentic Vintage Brown Paper Mache Dress Mannequin

This female dress form or manequin was made of brown paper mache, now aged and tattered while showing off its authentic vintage appeal. The spindle base is black at the top and arms, while the base appears to be a very dark brown stain.

Item# 32481
Authentic Vintage Paper Mache Mannequin

This dress form or manequin was made of paper mache, now aged, stained and tattered while showing off its authentic vintage appeal. All the age related wear and distress reveals its 75 years of use and separates this manequin from the many reproductions seen today.

Item# 32478
Authentic Vintage Mannequin Dress Form With White Painted Tripod Base
Item# 32476
Antique Original Green Painted Farmhouse Coffee Table With Two Drawers

Farmhouse charm meets modern functionality in this fun coffee table from Sweden. The original green paint (viewed best on the back side) has aged, softened, cracked and been worn down to reveal an under layer of residual brick red paint and the natural pine below.

Item# 22170
Antique Original Painted Flat Top Trunk With Hand Painted Flower Motif

The paint is all original on this flat top trunk with traditional blue, red and green floral motifs painted on the front. Open the top to reveal a narrow "box" to the upper left that was traditionally used to store small personal items.

Item# 40075
Antique Original Seafoam Blue Painted Chest of Drawers With Vintage Appeal

This fun chest of 3 drawers is loaded with charter thanks to the original seafoam blue paint with an aged white painted accent and original old pulls. The paint that remains reveals crackling throughout and contributes to the authentic vintage appeal of the dresser.

Item# 32574
Antique Original Hand Painted Flax Tool /Scutching Knife With Yellow and Red Trim
Item# 21338E