Denver Antique Paintings

Original Movie Poster with actor Wayne Morris In Rustic Frame with Horse Shoes

Item #: 2548


Original Movie Poster with actor Wayne Morris in the lead role as the sheriff. The rustic frame is new, with old horseshoes adding a western accent to the corners.



Contemporary Acrylic on Canvas Painting, Vivid Colored Landscape by Preben Saxild

Item #: 13039


Vibrant colors are the hallmark of this contemporary acrylic on canvas landscape painting. The simplistic, bright blocked style has great visual impact. It is signed in the lower right hand corner, "PS" for Preben Saxild

Vibrant Contemporary Acrylic on Canvas Painting of Two Women, signed by Yrsa Isabel Lind

Item #: 13730


This large, colorful painting is by the Danish artist Yrsa Isabel Lind. Her vibrant use of colors creates a sense of vitality and life in her paintings, reflected here with her vivid portrayal of two Asian women.Yrsa Isa

Large Vintage Wood Artist's Easel

Item #: 12


This item is part of our “unrestored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condition. Before shipping or leaving our store, they all go through our professional workshop to assure they are strong, cle