Denver Antique Paintings

Signed Original Antique Danish Oil Painting, Portrait of Woman in a Greenhouse, Edvard Lehmann, Dated 1869

Item #: 21149


Antique Danish oil painting of a young woman in a greenhouse, surrounded by potted flowers, dated 1869 and signed in the lower right, EL 1869. Danish artist Edvard Leymann (1815-1892) was active from the mid to late 19th

Original Oil Painting of Vestal Virgin Holding Oil Lamp

Item #: 14350


Original oil on canvas painting of woman holding oil lamp, depicting a vestal virgin. Beautiful lighting highlights the delicate features of her lower face and robes.

Original Antique Danish Oil Painting, Portrait of a Lady Lounging in a Chair, S. Jurgensen 1920

Item #: 20432


Lady lounging in a chair signed S. Jurgensen 1920. Wearing period clothing including a fur lined coat with a hat and high laced shoes, her pearl earrings and rings on both hands, indicate a woman of class and stature.

Original Oil on Canvas Portrait, "Edith", muse of famous Danish artist Holger Drachmann

Item #: 1432


Original oil on canvas portrait of the singer and Danish Painter Holger Drachmann's lover and muse, Amanda Jensine Nielsen. Signed A. Weie on the reverse. Oil on canvas.


Antique 19th Century English Oil Painting Portrait of a Young Woman

Item #: 21159


Antique oil on canvas painting portrait of a young Victorian English woman, circa 1900 wearing a white dress with yellow sash and large hat, and holding basket of yellow flowers. The painting is unsigned and mounted in a

Original Signed Antique Oil on Board Painting, Portrait of Smiling Woman

Item #: 20095


Portrait of smiling young woman with hat and shawl. Signed Cilius A. Original oil on canvas laid on board - Denmark circa 1900.



Original Antique Oil on Canvas Painting, Portrait of Young Woman circa 1900's

Item #: 14325


Oil on canvas painting, a portrait of a young lady by an unknown Danish artist. The painting is indistinctly signed and mounted in a gold painted frame.

Small Original 19th Century Antique Oil Painting, Portrait of a Danish Woman, circa 1840-1860

Item #: 20635


Small unsigned oil painting of a Danish woman seated with hands crossed on her lap, circa 1840-1860. Mounted in a gilt wood frame, there is a companion painting, #20634 of a younger woman, that is the same size in the sa

Antique Original Oil on Canvas Small Portrait of Woman in Black with Lace Shawl

Item #: 20114


Oil on canvas portrait of a woman with a gold chain, black dress and a white lace shawl and cap. There are a couple of areas of paint loss on the bottom and at the stretcher creases - crackelature throughout.


Antique 19th Century Original Danish Oil Painting Portrait of a Young Lady

Item #: 21297


This lovely young woman is portrayed in great detail, from the lace trim on her period black satin dress to the lovely earrings and broach she wears. Note her youthful, rosy cheeks and the gentle gaze in her eyes. This s

Small Antique Portrait of a Danish Woman, circa 1909

Item #: 20896


Small antique portrait of a Danish woman in a period dress sitting next to a table with a compote full of apples. The painting is signed in the upper right with the initials HM 29/11 09.

Antique 18th Century Oil Painting Portrait of a Royal Child in a Red Cape

Item #: 21292


Original oil on canvas portrait painting of a child, likely royalty, dressed in a red cape, circa 1760-1800. The painting is unsigned and mounted in a painted wood frame.

Original Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Standing Woman with Hat and Feather, Signed Vige 1909

Item #: 14444


Jens Peder Olsen Vigeland (1864-1912), portrait of a standing woman in evening wear, oil on canvas. Signed and dated Vigeland 1909. On the stretcher is inscribed, "Exhibited at Charlottenborg 1909."

Original Antique Italian Oil on Canvas Painting, Young Peasant Woman with Stick

Item #: 20051


Original oil on canvas painting of  a young woman  in a southern European setting, signed "Malasin." The charm of this painting is in the country appeal of the girl, who has the appearance of a gypsy. If of interest, ple

Small Oil on Canvas Painting, Portrait of a Gentleman circa 1840

Item #: 20113


Danish school circa 1840. Slight crackelature around the edges.



Signed Original Antique Danish Oil Painting of a Young Artist

Item #: 21247


Original antique oil painting portrait of a well dressed young man writing or possibly sketching. The painting is on artist's board and is monogrammed in the lower right VR by artist Vilhelm Rosenstand. The board is moun

Original Antique Oil on Art Painting Portrait of a Gentleman, circa 1900's

Item #: 15373


Original signed antique oil painting from Hungary. His stiff white collar, black bow tie and pocket handkerchief have the appearance of an early 20th century gentleman of stature. The painting with a parcel gilt and natu

Original Oil on Canvas of Bishop Stephan Middelboe, signed and dated Svend Rønne 1937

Item #: 20082


Original Oil on Canvas Portrait of Man with Book, the Bishop Stephan Middelboe (1730-1811). Signed and dated on the reverse copied 1937 by Svend Rønne. Note: this portrait was done as one of a pair along with Bishop Midd

Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Boy and Girl Playing Tea Party Signed Ludvig Jacobsen

Item #: 20093


Original vintage oil painting of two children playing tea party. Vibrant colors of green, blue, and red in the scene. Mounted in a gold painted wood and plaster frame and signed Ludvig Jacobsen.



Antique Original German Alpine Scene Oil Painting of a Young Boy

Item #: 21283


This small original antique alpine scene painting of a young boy in lederhosen and fur cap, still retains bright colors and wonderful details. Painted on an oak panel with light craquelure throughout, it is mounted in a

Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Mother and Son, Denmark, circa 1900

Item #: 20620


Antique oil on canvas painting of a mother watching over her son while sitting on a bench, under the shade of a large tree next to a path through the green grass and woods. Danish school, unsigned and in a period gilt fr

Original Oil on canvas Painting; Children Making Flower Garlands, circa 1920

Item #: 20541


Delightful painting of 3 children in Swedish country farm setting making blue floral garlands. Unknown Swedish artist, oil on canvas.

Small Pair of 19th Century Paintings, Boating Couple and Woman on Shore

Item #: 20088


A pair of Paintings sold as a set. The scene is a romantic couple boating for the afternoon in one painting while what appears to be a gilted girlfriend spies on them from the shore hiding behind a bush in the other.

Antique English Oil on Canvas Painting, Cliffs of Dover, Signed Alfred Vickers

Item #: 21769


Antique English Oil on Canvas Painting, Cliffs of Dover, Signed Alfred Vickers and dated 1896. Beautifully executed and detailed painting with delicate touches throughout. Minor craquelure to right side, minor abrasions

Signed Antique Norwegian Coastal Landscape Oil Painting

Item #: 474


Original Antique Landscape Painting of Shore Birds in a Marsh, Signed C. Hoyrup, circa 1920

Item #: 20652


Original Antique landscape painting of shore birds in flight over a marsh, with a bucolic pasture and farm on the horizon. Signed in the lower left C. Hoyrup, the artist Carl Hoyrup (1893-1961) was known for his hunting

Early 20th Century Vintage Signed German Landscape Oil Painting

Item #: 15375


Vintage oil on canvas depicting a farming couple raking hay along a tree lined river next to a lean-to barn. The painting is mounted in a vintage silver toned wood and plaster frame, and is signed illegibly in the lower

Antique Norwegian Painting of Sea Harbor with Mountains - circa 1890


Large unsigned original oil painting of a sea harbor with a small fishing village and mountains in the background. The period ornate gilded frame complements this dramatic unsigned painting.



Extra Large Oil on Canvas Painting of Venice Harbor, Signed P. Franc Lamy and titled 'Venise 1905'

Item #: 13758


Original Large Oil on Canvas Painting by Pierre Desire Eugene Franc Lamy (1855-1919, France). Harbor view from Venice at sunrise. The soft orange sky casts a glow on the sail boats, gondolas and blue green water of the h

Stephen Elliott Original Oil Painting Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park Colorado Landscape

Item #: 15362


Oil on artist's board landscape of snow capped peaks in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park, by Stephen Elliott. The painting is signed SC Elliott in the lower right and mounted in a gilt wood frame.

Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Home on a Wintry Road, Signed Otto Eilentsen


Original oil on canvas of a country home at the end of a snowy winter road. Danish, circa 1840 signed Otto Eilentsen.





Antique Original Landscape Oil Painting Signed and Dated D. McLea 1911

Item #: 21366


Antique landscape oil painting of an artist painting a couple on a lakeshore with mountains and castle in the background. Signed and dated in the lower right D. McLea 1911 and mounted in a gilt wood frame with a name pla

Antique 19th Century English Oil Painting of A Father and Daughter Fishing on a Pond

Item #: 21164


Antique original English oil painting of a father and daughter fishing from a boat on a pond, circa 1880. The painting is unsigned and mounted in a period giltwood frame.

Antique 19th Century Original English Oil Painting Landscape of Abbey Ruins

Item #: 21265


This original oil on canvas painting of an English landscape contains several small elements which when combined draw the viewer into the tranquil scene. A couple appear to have been taking a nature walk, with him perhap

Antique Religious Icon Painting of St. Martin on Board

Item #: 31525


This detailed 19th century Hungarian icon, a full portrait of Saint Martin holding a box of jewels, still retains the bright colors of the robes and surrounding landscape. An ornate painted gold and blue border surrounds

Antique Russian Icon Painting of the Virgin and Christ Child

Item #: 31524


A mid 19th century Russian Icon of the virgin Mary holding the Christ Child flanked on both sides by saints in the margins. The painting is on a gessoed canvas mounted on a thick wood board. There is  minor paint lo