Denver Antique Paintings

Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Home on a Wintry Road, Signed Otto Eilentsen


Original oil on canvas of a country home at the end of a snowy winter road. Danish, circa 1840 signed Otto Eilentsen.





Antique Oil on Canvas Painting, Old Hamburg Street Scene, Signed Friedrich Harden

Item #: 21770


Old Hamburg street scene with period dress and merchant carts, located near Muhren / Reimerstwiete. Signed Friedrich Harden (1861-1921).  Age related paint loss; period frame is ornate plaster on wood frame painted

Antique Original Landscape Oil Painting Signed and Dated D. McLea 1911

Item #: 21366


Antique landscape oil painting of an artist painting a couple on a lakeshore with mountains and castle in the background. Signed and dated in the lower right D. McLea 1911 and mounted in a gilt wood frame with a name pla

Antique 19th Century English Oil Painting of A Father and Daughter Fishing on a Pond

Item #: 21164


Antique original English oil painting of a father and daughter fishing from a boat on a pond, circa 1880. The painting is unsigned and mounted in a period giltwood frame.

Original Oil on Canvas Painting, Horse & Buggy with Dog circa 1930

Item #: 30451


Original oil on canvas landscape from Hungary -  2 horses & buggy with a dog circa 1930.

Antique 19th Century Original English Oil Painting Landscape of Abbey Ruins

Item #: 21265


This original oil on canvas painting of an English landscape contains several small elements which when combined draw the viewer into the tranquil scene. A couple appear to have been taking a nature walk, with him perhap

Antique Oil Painting of Copenhagen Street Scene, Saint Peter's Church

Item #: 40122


This painting depicts a typically Copenhagen street scene, with Saint Peter's Church ("Kirke" in Danish) sitting on the corner. The painting is mounted in a gold painted frame and signed illegibly in the lower left.

Antique Religious Icon Painting of St. Martin on Board

Item #: 31525


This detailed 19th century Hungarian icon, a full portrait of Saint Martin holding a box of jewels, still retains the bright colors of the robes and surrounding landscape. An ornate painted gold and blue border surrounds

Antique Russian Icon Painting of the Virgin and Christ Child

Item #: 31524


A mid 19th century Russian Icon of the virgin Mary holding the Christ Child flanked on both sides by saints in the margins. The painting is on a gessoed canvas mounted on a thick wood board. There is  minor paint lo

Antique Russian Icon Painting of Christ with Mirrored Frame

Item #: 21663


Original oil on canvas painting of Christ mounted on board. While the image of Christ is small, there is great visual impact in this piece due to the fascinating frame. The board is mounted in an ornate convex gilt wood

Antique 19th Century Russian Icon, The Baptism of Jesus

Item #: 21262


Exceptional antique 19th century Russian icon,The Baptism of Jesus, painted on a wood panel and with a gilt wood and plaster frame. In addition to the Christ figure, notice John the Baptist pouring water over Christ's he

Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Jesus Praying in a Garden

Item #: 31214


This original oil on canvas of Jesus praying on a moonlit hillside with a village beyond, is painted with a dark but calming pallet of greens and blues. The setting is possibly the garden of Gethsemane, while Jesus praye

Original Oil on Canvas Still Life, Basket of Flowers circa 1800's

Item #: 20112


Unsigned still life oil on canvas of flowers and fruits in a basket from the mid to late 1800's.


Antique Original Oil on Canvas Landscape with a Monastery

Item #: 21124


This naive landscape of a monastery perched on rocks with a monk fishing below, is unsigned and mounted in an ornate gilt wood and gesso frame. The painting has minor craquelure throughout the canvas and stretcher marks

Antique Oil on Canvas Still Life Painting of Clock and Flowers

Item #: 4506


Still life oil on canvas of a clock resting on a sideboard with a pair of flower vases.



Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Three Female Nudes

Item #: 21970


This scene is reminiscent of an allegory, with 3 nude maidens each at a task. The standing figure to the left holds grapes, the central kneeling figure holds a basket of fruit, and the figure to the right is bending over

Signed Antique Oil Painting on Canvas of Two Lovers in a Boat

Item #: 20584


Signed in the lower right WR Bunting 1917 and also on the reverse with the title The Lovers Reverie. The young woman is dragging a red rose in the water while the gentleman stares intently at her with his lute propped up

Signed Unframed 19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of Man with Feathered Cap

Item #: 3381


There is a jaunty air about this confident man wearing a feather in his cap.



Signed Oil on Canvas Painting of Young Woman In a Flower Garden

Item #: 20200


This is a delightful painting of a young woman in flowing white summer dress, standing among flowers outside a house. The setting looks like the seaside of Skagen, Denmark with it's traditional yellow houses and red tile

Original Antique Hand Painted French Wood Panel

Item #: 21471


This early circa 1800 painted wood panel is possibly the remnant of a screen or larger wall panel. Two women in period dress stand over a grazing bull surrounded by floral garlands in this allegorical scene. The panel ha

Original Signed Oil on Canvas Painting of Banquet Table Still Life

Item #: 20100


Original Oil on Canvas Still Life of Banquet Table by Sigrid Fischer 1900. Signed  S. Fischer. Note the bright colors of blue, red, white, and orange in the lavish display of fruit and flower spread across the long table

Original Western Oil on Canvas Painting of Cowboy on Horseback Roping Calf

Item #: 5053


Oil on canvas painting of cowboy on horseback roping calf.



Original Western Movie Poster of "Prince of the Plains", starring Monte Hale

Item #: 2565


Original movie poster with Monte Hale in the lead character of "Prince of the Plains". The rustic frame is new, with old horseshoes adding a western touch to the corners.



Original Movie Poster with actor Wayne Morris In Rustic Frame with Horse Shoes

Item #: 2548


Original Movie Poster with actor Wayne Morris in the lead role as the sheriff. The rustic frame is new, with old horseshoes adding a western accent to the corners.



Contemporary Acrylic on Canvas Painting, Vivid Colored Landscape by Preben Saxild

Item #: 13039


Vibrant colors are the hallmark of this contemporary acrylic on canvas landscape painting. The simplistic, bright blocked style has great visual impact. It is signed in the lower right hand corner, "PS" for Preben Saxild

Vibrant Contemporary Acrylic on Canvas Painting of Two Women, signed by Yrsa Isabel Lind

Item #: 13730


This large, colorful painting is by the Danish artist Yrsa Isabel Lind. Her vibrant use of colors creates a sense of vitality and life in her paintings, reflected here with her vivid portrayal of two Asian women.Yrsa Isa

Large Vintage Wood Artist's Easel

Item #: 12


This item is part of our “unrestored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condition. Before shipping or leaving our store, they all go through our professional workshop to assure they are strong, cle