Signed Antique Oil Painting on Canvas of Two Lovers in a Boat

Signed in the lower right WR Bunting 1917 and also on the reverse with the title The Lovers Reverie. The young woman is dragging a red rose in the water while the gentleman stares intently at her with his lute propped up against an open book behind him and a small dog sitting quietly.

Item# 20584
Signed Unframed 19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of Man with Feathered Cap

There is a jaunty air about this confident man wearing a feather in his cap.



Item# 3381
Signed Oil on Canvas Painting of Young Woman In a Flower Garden

This is a delightful painting of a young woman in flowing white summer dress, standing among flowers outside a house. The setting looks like the seaside of Skagen, Denmark with it's traditional yellow houses and red tile roofs.

Item# 20200
Original Antique Hand Painted French Wood Panel

This early circa 1800 painted wood panel is possibly the remnant of a screen or larger wall panel. Two women in period dress stand over a grazing bull surrounded by floral garlands in this allegorical scene. The panel has an arched ornate hand cut molding which frames the subject, adding dimension.

Item# 21471
Original Signed Oil on Canvas Painting of Banquet Table Still Life

Original Oil on Canvas Still Life of Banquet Table by Sigrid Fischer 1900. Signed  S. Fischer. Note the bright colors of blue, red, white, and orange in the lavish display of fruit and flower spread across the long table.



Item# 20100
Contemporary Acrylic on Canvas Painting, Vivid Colored Landscape by Preben Saxild

Vibrant colors are the hallmark of this contemporary acrylic on canvas landscape painting. The simplistic, bright blocked style has great visual impact. It is signed in the lower right hand corner, "PS" for Preben Saxild born 1946.

Item# 13039
Vibrant Contemporary Acrylic on Canvas Painting of Two Women, signed by Yrsa Isabel Lind

This large, colorful painting is by the Danish artist Yrsa Isabel Lind. Her vibrant use of colors creates a sense of vitality and life in her paintings, reflected here with her vivid portrayal of two Asian women.Yrsa Isabel Lind was born in 1948 This painting is signed and likely date of '02.

Item# 13730