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Get to Know Scandinavian Antiques in Denver, CO

January 10, 2018

If you have not yet experienced the expansive offerings of Scandinavian Antiques in Denver, it is time to add a visit to your bucket list. As one of the oldest antiques dealers in Colorado, the owners of Scandinavian Antiques have a rich history rooted in European antiquities. The storefront on South Broadway has been in operation for over 20 years in the US, and for 10 years before that internationally.

For avid collectors to any individual looking for a unique or historic piece of furniture, the showroom offers a glimpse into the products proudly offered which come from all over the world. As the largest importer of Scandinavian antiques in the country and one of the largest European importers in the Western US, you’ll find the best selection of goods in their inventory.

A Brief History of Scandinavian Antiques

Owners Henrik & Mark Follin operate the showroom with an extensive operation running behind the scenes in their warehouses. A tour of the warehouse next door to the showroom brings you into the fold of the acquisition process, of which Henrik is well-versed. Born in Sweden, Henrik was raised in Denmark with family still residing there.

30 years ago, Henrik began his European business as a wholesaler of antique wares, working across the world in countries like Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Romania, and France. After moving to the US, Henrik has operated in Denver for over 20 years. With his wife Mary now working alongside him, they have made their mark as the largest Scandinavian antiques dealer in the US. With strong connections to many dealers across the globe, the items available at Scandinavian Antiques can’t be found anywhere else.

Why is Scandinavian Antiques Different?

Unlike other antiques dealers, wholesalers, or stores, Scandinavian Antiques houses a 2,000 sq. ft. workshop, where all the incredible restoration work takes place. By employing skilled, experienced craftsmen to restore these one-of-a-kind pieces, they ensure every item has been preserved to protect further use, establish integrity, as well as preserving its value over time.

Every piece of furniture is hand-selected by Henrik – with over 30 years now in the industry, you can rest assured the items you find in their showroom or warehouse is representative of their high standards.

Denver Locals Love Scandinavian Antiques!

Part of the mission of Scandinavian Antiques is connecting with the Denver community. In November 2017, Mayor Michael Hancock paid a visit to the showroom on Small Business Saturday and was given a tour of the warehouse.
Henrik Follin with Mayor Michael Hancock in the Scandinavian Antiques showroom (Image via: Facebook)
In addition to one-on-one visits with Denver representatives and local shoppers, Scandinavian Antiques has been awarded a number of honors locally:
  • 2013: 5280 Magazine: Top of the Town Best Antique Store in Denver, Editor’s Choice
  • 2016: Denver City Voter A-List: Top Rated Antiques Online
  • 2017: 5280 Magazine: Top of the Town Best Antique Store in Denver, Editor’s Choice
  • 2017: Denver City Voter A-List: Top Rated Antiques Online

With the development and launch of their new online store, Scandinavian Antiques allows customers the ease of shopping online! With new products added regularly, you can shop for a special piece, or even view the items imported in their latest European container for the “newest” products. A container might feature products like the Large Reproduction Pine Breakfront Bookcase from Hungary, oil paintings, kitchen wares like spice racks, or chairs, work tables, or consoles. All items can be purchased online, or you can pay a visit to their showroom on South Broadway to see the items in person. With over 24,000 square feet of inventory, at best, only 10% is ever listed on the website.

Customers of Scandinavian Antiques typically become lifelong clients – many clients have found that purchasing an “old” piece of furniture is actually quite reliable considering the quality of their restoration process. Due to the nature of the acquisition process and longtime ties Henrik has to European antiques suppliers, Scandinavian Antiques can offer some of the best pricing found out there in the antiques market.

Some clients have mentioned the benefit of ordering from Scandinavian Antiques lies in their location. Rather than order from shops in New York, shipping from Colorado is ideal for those shopping on the west coast. Even for East coast customers, often the price points of products are significantly lower than competitors. One customer from New Hampshire said,
“I discovered Scandinavian Antiques online and was at first hesitant to purchase over the phone. Based on photos and conversation, I purchased my first cabinet from Scandinavian Antiques and was more than pleased with the quality. Since then, I have purchased a table and Biedermeier chairs which would have cost far more on the East coast if I could even find them.”

Create Your Own Look

Not every piece is suited exactly to a customer’s specifications or needs. When you work with Scandinavian Antiques, another benefit to having an on-site workshop is the ability to create fully custom designs! Sometimes a finish or a change in paint style can take an unmatched piece of furniture and turn it into something that ties into what you already have in your home or business. Consider your options to have a professional build or customize furniture to make an old product new again (like creating a unique kitchen island or console table). Typically, the purchase of these types of wares are for life – and become family heirlooms to pass down through the generations of your family. Let the experienced professionals at Scandinavian Antiques create the look you need to round out your space or provide a strong accent and focal point in your space.
Curious about the products offered at Scandinavian Antiques? Start browsing now! Anything you see on the website is available for purchase. Their shipping policy utilizes the benefits of freight shipping, which makes the cost more affordable for customers as well as ensures a safe transit for your items.

Visit the showroom! Contact the team at Scandinavian Antiques now with questions, or stop by their spacious showroom. Doors are open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Saturday, and are conveniently located on South Broadway, next door to Corvus Coffee. Find us on Facebook to stay up to date on events and celebrations, as well as learn about new products and the stories that surround such historic pieces.