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How to Incorporate Vintage and Modern Styles Naturally by Visiting your Local Antique Dealer

January 17, 2018

Finding the best way to naturally combine antiques with newer household items can be a challenge, but is an attainable task if approached carefully. A handcrafted antique often cannot be properly replicated, both in terms of its craft and age. For people interested in the beautiful historic style, frequenting a local antique dealer can be a surefire way to find the vintage items that blend in smoothly with your home.

Why You Should Care About Antiques

Antiques provide a degree of character that modern items cannot rival. Individuals who are seeking a unique style often look to antique items to provide the big statement maker they desire. Purchasing a 100 year or older table can impress guests in the same fashion that a brand new table is unable to. These masterfully crafted and forgotten treasures can take center stage and become a staple of any dining or living room.

While new pieces of furniture still have a place, often the most desired object to have in your home is one that has been around longer than you have. A cabinet or table can become much more meaningful and valued with time, as the age of the item  imparts a sense of history and wonder far beyond what a new piece of furniture could ever hope to do. By making this history a part of your home, you add another chapter to it’s long story.

Many people see a great deal of value in antiques and products made during a different era. The recent rise of planned obsolescence in the modern economy, which is the trend where consumer products are designed to have a limited lifespan, has accentuated this point. Individuals are looking to the past to find products they know are built to last, as they’ve obviously stood the test of time and are still in functioning order. At Scandinavian Antiques, any diminished level of utility is restored in our professional workshop. Everyone of our pieces in inspected and optimally prepared for use. For example, chairs have more joints that can grow weak over time than any other piece of furniture. We make sure each joint is strong so the chair is ready to use daily.

It can be hard to remember a time in which society valued their household items enough to pass them down from generation to generation, but this was exactly the case. This was also reflected in how companies used to build their products, as items were sold and marketed for their ability to stand the test of time. People who are seeking a product that has dependability and is durable look to antique dealers for their ability to provide trustworthy products.

Incorporating Antiques into your Denver Home Naturally

Discovering an incredible piece of antique furniture can be an amazing feeling, as you are blown away by an item’s unique charm and characteristics. You are excited to have this exquisite cabinet in your living room. Yet, you simultaneously begin to wonder how this treasure from the past will complement your mostly modern interior.

Obviously, there needs to be a degree of forethought regarding design and layout in terms of any furniture purchase. With antiques, this is especially important, as you don’t want an antique to look out of place if you are intending to have it be something that leaves a lasting impression on your house guests.

This contrast between old and new can actually be the perfect combination of modern and vintage, and show off your appreciation for both the present and the past. In design, opposing forces can be a net benefit in terms of their ability to create a desirable environment. The appropriate juxtaposition between modern and vintage can truly make for a personalized style statement in your home.

When designing your home and creating an environment that naturally blends multiple styles and eras, it is important to not be afraid of variety. The right selection of unique and opposing style choices, whether due to the time period or color scheme, can create a home that is comfortable and elegant.

Variety, when done correctly, can spice up your life in ways that uniform style choices could never do. Although you don’t necessarily want to create an environment that is overly busy and potentially jarring as a result, you also shouldn’t feel limited by a more conservative approach to style.

Finding the Right Balance Between Styles and Time Periods

Mixing styles and eras can, at first, seem like an intimidating task, one that may provide an initial design challenge. However, this does not need to be as complicated or unapproachable as it seems. There are a plethora of ways in which a person can utilize items from different eras to highlight various features of the other side.

If you discover an antique piece of artwork, you may find that certain attributes of a painting may bring out characteristics of your new couch in ways you never thought possible. This can create a natural synthesis between time periods, as you can link the two through color schemes or other thematic elements that both items may share.

There are many ways to use antiques while still highlighting their aesthetic appeal. An old pine dresser or sideboard can make a great changing table for an infant which can later be passed to them for use throughout their life. A painted trunk provides storage, but also makes for a great coffee table, side table, and toy chest for a child. Antiques provide a great opportunity as one piece of furniture (such as the painted trunk or dresser as a changing table) can have “multiple lives.”

Scandinavian Antiques is happy to assist you in finding the most appropriate antiques for your modern household. We have over 30 years of experience with importing antiques, and our attention to quality and detail is accentuated by our 2,000 square foot workshop where our craftsmen work to restore the function and quality of our antiques. With over 24,000 sq ft of European antique furniture inventory here in Denver, if you are interested embarking on a journey to blend the past with the present, contact us today!